Hide Tells National To Help Hardworking Families

Published: Thu 25 Nov 2004 02:49 PM
Hide Tells National To Help Hardworking Families Squeezed By Labour
Thursday 25 Nov 2004
Rodney Hide
Press Releases -- Taxation
ACT Leader Rodney Hide is pleased the National Party is setting its sights on tax cuts but he says it needs to look beyond cutting the corporate rate to 30 cents in the dollar. "That's Jim Anderton's policy!"
"Dr Brash should reverse his position of sticking with Helen Clark's 39 cent top tax rate. That's just an envy tax that punishes hard work and success.
"What's more, he should cut other tax rates to help all hardworking families who all desperately need a bonus." Mr Hide said Dr Cullen's own figures show that middle-income families are being squeezed, making it increasingly harder for them to make ends meet, let alone clear debt, save, or invest.
"ACT is not just interested in bringing the corporate and top tax rate down. We are determined to drive up all New Zealanders' standard of living. We are the only party that has a plan to deliver more money back to those who earn it.
"We have a greedy government but poor people. The surplus is obscene. It belongs to the people and it should be returned to them. Dr Brash's focus should be on putting more money into the pockets of every hardworking New Zealand family," said Mr Hide.
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