Select Committee Business to 21st December

Published: Fri 21 Dec 2001 12:17 AM
Select Committee Business
From 14 December to 21 December 2001
Committee meetings
There were 13 committee meetings, all in the parliamentary complex.
Reports presented (10)
Justice and Electoral
- Inquiry into the 1999 General Election (I. 7C)
Local Government and Environment
- Petition 1999/9 of Hon Pete Hodgson
- Petition 1999/48 of Joseph Shields and 14 others
- Petition 1999/115 of Wendy Finlayson
Primary Production
- 2000/01 financial review of the Ministry of Fisheries
Transport and Industrial Relations
- 2000/01 financial review of the Ministry of Transport
- 2000/01 financial review of the Department of Labour
- Review of the Radio New Zealand Charter (I. 1B)
- Petition 1996/772 of David Frederick Tranter and 466 others
Finance and Expenditure
- Construction Contracts Bill (128-2)
Bills referred to select committees
The Resource Management (Aquaculture Moratorium) Amendment Bill was referred to the Primary Production Committee with a report required by 8 March 2002.
The Local Government Bill was referred to the Local Government and Environment Committee with a report required by 14 May 2002.
The Social Security (Working Towards Employment) Amendment Bill was referred to the Social Services Committee.
The Tertiary Education Reform Bill was referred to the Education and Science Committee with a report required by 29 April 2002.
The Television New Zealand Bill was referred to the Commerce Committee with a report required by 30 April 2002.
The Crown Minerals Amendment Bill was referred to the Commerce Committee.
Committee notes
(for further information on an item, please contact the committee staff noted in brackets)
Education and Science (Louise Gardiner,
The committee met at lunchtime on 20 December to consider the 2000/01 financial review of the Ministry of Education. The report was presented on 21 December.
The closing date for submissions on the Tertiary Education Reform Bill is 8 March 2002. This bill gives effect to the Government’s decisions on the reform of the tertiary education system, based on the recommendations of the first two Tertiary Education Advisory Commission reports. The bill establishes the Tertiary Education Commission (incorporating Skill New Zealand) and extends the requirements for charters. It introduces profiles, introduces a new funding approach, and includes provisions relating to the industry training system, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, private training establishments, and the establishment and disestablishment of institutions.
Finance and Expenditure (Julian Kersey,
The committee met on 19 December. It considered and reported on the Construction Contracts Bill. It considered the financial review of the Inland Revenue Department.
The committee has called for submissions on the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (Genetically Modified Organisms) Amendment Bill. The closing date for submissions on the bill is 1 February 2002.
As part of the committee’s consideration of the bill, the committee is also considering Supplementary Order Paper 231, which amends the bill by imposing restrictions on specified biotechnical procedures.
These procedures are clinical xenotransplantation (transplanting animal cells, tissues, or organisms to humans or mixing body materials between animals and humans) and modifications to human germ cell-lines that attempt to modify the genome of an embryo. These procedures may pose threats to individuals and to the public, and may raise ethical, cultural, and spiritual concerns.
A particular specified biotechnical procedure, or a class of specified biotechnical procedures, may be authorised if the Minister of Health is satisfied that the procedure does not pose unacceptable risks to the health or safety of the public and any risks will be appropriately managed. The Minister must also be satisfied that any ethical, cultural, or spiritual issues raised by the procedure have been addressed.
Government Administration (Lesley Ferguson,
The committee next meets on 14 February 2002 to consider its inquiry into the operation of the Films, Videos, Publications and Classification Act 1993 and related issues.
Health (Matthew Andrews,
This the week the committee heard the natural justice response from Dr Graham Parry concerning the inquiry into the adverse effect on women as a result of treatment by Dr Graham Parry.
Justice and Electoral (Wendy Proffitt,
This week the committee met twice to consider the Sentencing and Parole Reform Bill. The next meeting will be on 23 January 2002 to continue consideration of the same bill.
The report on the inquiry into the 1999 general election has been presented. The committee has spent the past 18 months inquiring into the law and administration of general elections. In its report, the committee comments on the running of the 1999 general election, scrutinises administrative changes that are intended to improve the running of the 2002 general election, and proposes further changes to the law and administration of general elections. The committee comments on the slowness of the vote count, the missing ballot papers, exhaustion of polling staff, and other aspects of the 1999 general election.
Among its recommendations, the committee sets out five principles to guide electoral officials in their work, proposes a further inquiry into State funding for political parties and restrictions on anonymous donations (among other things), and recommends compulsory civics education in schools. The committee also discusses future uses of technology, including internet voting, the level of electoral participation, and the role of electoral officials. Copies of the report are available from Bennetts Government Bookstores, and the report will be available on the select committee website shortly.
Please contact the Clerk of the Committee for further information about the committee’s meetings.
Maori Affairs (Marcus Ganley,
The committee’s final meeting for the year was held on Thursday. The committee considered its inquiry into the Treaty of Waitangi Fisheries Commission (Te Ohu Kai Moana). The committee’s next meeting will be on Thursday, 14 February 2002, when it will consider the review of the Office of Treaty Settlements, its inquiry into the Crown Forestry Rental Trust and the Te Uri o Hau Claims Settlement Bill.
Primary Production (Bob Bunch,
The committee met on Wednesday, 19 December, to further consider the 2000/01 financial review of the Ministry of Fisheries. The report has now been presented. The committee also considered the Resource Management (Aquaculture Moratorium) Amendment Bill, which was referred with a report date of 8 March 2002. The deadline for submissions is Friday, 8 February 2002 with hearings to commence in the following week. Those intending to make an oral submission should contact Bob Bunch, Clerk of the Committee as early in January as possible, prior to sending their written submission.
Regulations Review (Andrew Fieldsend,
On Wednesday morning the committee heard further evidence from the Department of Internal Affairs on regulations increasing fees for services provided by the department. The regulations that are subject to investigation by the committee are the Gaming and Lotteries (Licence Fees) Amendment Regulations 2001 and a number of regulations relating to citizenship and identity services. The department said it will report again to the committee in the New Year.
Transport and Industrial Relations (Lyn Main,
The committee will next meet on 13 February 2002 to consider the financial review of the Civil Aviation Authority.
Closing dates for submissions
Committees are receiving submissions on the following items with the closing date shown:
Consumer Protection (Definitions of Goods and Services) Bill (15 January 2002)
TOWER Trust Limited Bill (15 January 2002)
Motor Vehicle Sales Bill (8 February 2002)
Education and Science
Tertiary Education Reform Bill (8 March 2002)
Finance and Expenditure
Securities Markets and Institutions Bill (8 February 2002)
Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (Genetically Modified Organisms) Amendment Bill and Supplementary Order Paper No 231 (1 February 2002)
Taxation (Relief, Refunds and Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (15 February 2002)
Justice and Electoral
Inquiry into the 2001 local elections (15 February 2002)
Local Government and Environment
Local Government Bill (22 February 2002)
Maori Affairs
Inquiry into the Treaty of Waitangi Fisheries Commission (Te Ohu Kai Moana) (15 February 2002)
Maori Television Service Bill (1 March 2002)
Primary Production
Land Transfer and Cadastral Survey Legislation Bill (28 January 2002)
Resource Management (Aquaculture Moratorium) Amendment Bill (8 February 2002)
Social Services
Social Welfare (Transitional Provisions - Overseas Pensions) Amendment Bill (15 January 2002)
Parental Leave and Employment Protection (Paid Parental Leave) Amendment Bill (8 February 2002)
Social Security (Working Towards Employment) Amendment Bill (15 February 2002)
Transport and Industrial Relations
Health and Safety in Employment Amendment Bill (1 March 2002)
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Compiled in the Select Committee Office, Office of the Clerk, 21 December 2001

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