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Published: Wed 22 Dec 1999 06:23 PM
Venezuelan Floods - Ansett Air Crash - Air Traffic Control Failure - Brian Edwards Sacked - Manslaughter - Guilty Company - Dangerous Lights - Parliament : Prebble Ejected , Jane Young Live - Jonah Lomu's Sweet Smell
VENEZEULAN DISASTER: Venezeuelan officials say they will never know how many have been killed in Venezeula - but up to 30,000 have been estimated. Towns destroyed on the coast. There will be no quick return home. Water still pouring down where houses used to be. Lists of missing people hang on buildings. The worst disaster in living memory.
ANSETT CRASH IN COURT: Ansett crash inquiry four and half years after the crash near Palmerston North. The pilot is now expected to face charges in the New Year. Three people were killed in the crash. Two passengers and a hostess. A heroic survivor also died later of burns suffered while rescuing fellow passengers. The case for exemplary damages is being taken in the High Court by the families of the victims. The pilot at the centre of the case no longer works for Ansett.
AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL FAILURE: The National radar air traffic control network broke down today for 90 minutes seriously disrupting services.
BRIAN EDWARDS: Brian Edwards - a ratings leader on Saturday Radio - has been sacked. Edwards says he finds "the whole thing pretty sad". Sharon Crosbie says she is still in consultation with Mr Edwards. Mr Edwards says Sharon said his show was "dull and predictable". There is speculation that Dr Edwards might take a job in the PMs office. The announcement has surprised some people - one from the Radio Network - another a wit from advertising who says RNZ has been "standing too close to Nandor Tanzsos's suit.
MANSLAUGHTER: Manslaughter charges in Otahuhu district court.
GUILTY COMPANY: A company has plead guilty to charges relating to the death of three employees overcome by fumes while underground in downtown Auckland. It will be sentenced in February.
DANGEROUS LIGHTS: 5000 sets of Christmas lights sold in Wellington in a charity promotion carry an electrocution risk.
PARLIAMENT: New Parliament on a flying start on its first day. A rowdy start with the first political ejection. Prebble accused the PM of running away from a debate on Timberlands. He was asked to withdraw. Argued and then was chucked out. Earlier Prebble asked to leave earlier unless he would apologise - then he did. Jonathan Hunt says that he will keep it under control. Prebble says the speaker had a bad day and "ought to lighten up". The Speaker says he will not tolerate "organised yahooing". Prebble said the speaker was like a "Welsh referee".
PARLIAMENT: Politics - Jane Young Live: Under Urgency now Parliament has just broken for the Dinner Break on the party-hopping bill. Whips say they will be sitting through till midnight tomorrow night.
JONAH LOMU: Jonah Lomu's Sweet Smell Of Success: Crowds in Chch sports shop peddling his new aftershave. The blend of citrus and woody undertone costs $88. Jonah says its "very easy on the senses". Fans reaction to aftershave mixed. Women like it though. Ex All-Blacks will not be rushing to buy it says one. Michael Jordan has his own brand of cologne too.
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