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Published: Fri 10 Dec 1999 10:07 AM
EXTENDED EDITION: Now the final election results are finally in - Scoop will follow with a election round-up bulletin shortly. Last night's bulletin was delayed waiting for a result.... it was, finally, early this morning and the Greens Have 7 seats - and Labour and the Alliance 59 - so we do have Frankenstein government afteralll. You read it first on Scoop!
Scoop has been rating very highly over the last two days as the final results have filtered through. Interestingly there was approximately twice as much interest in Winston's fate as there was in the Cabinet lineup.
Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...
1: Editorial: Massive War Crime Threatened In Grozny
In the last four weeks of the 20st century, not to mention the millennium, the world is on the verge of experiencing the effects of a new generation of horrific weapons systems.
2: The New Cabinet
Helen Clark has announced her new cabinet. The placings are:
3: PM-elect announces new ministry
Prime Minister-elect Helen Clark today announced the ministerial portfolios for the new Labour-Alliance government, confirming Jim Anderton's appointment as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economic Development and Michael Cullen's as Finance ...
4: Heartless Government Slashes Benefits
Beneficiaries around the country are reeling today after the Labour/Alliance Government confirmed they will cut benefits by $20 a week before Christmas.
5: Greens Ahead By A Nose In Special Vote Race!
According to Scoop sources, with 49 finalised seats in the specials now counted, the Green Party is looking like getting another seat – at Labour’s expense.
6: Americas Cup - Prada Loses For Second Time
AmericaOne has beaten Americas Cup leading challenger Luna Rossa ITA48 after a controversial penalty was dished out to Luna Rossa after it hit AmericaOne's transom with its bow. PLUS: here are the latest points, race tables, and schedules...
7: Greens Could Get Seventh MP on Specials
The Greens are looking good to get their seventh MP into parliament as a result of the special votes which are still being counted.
8: Americas Cup - Stars & Stripes Bulkhead Separates
Here's the latest in the Americas Cup challenger series - Dennis Conner's Stars & Stripes suffers serious damage - Next race to watch between top rated yachts - the points table - the weather - who races who...
9: Americas Cup - Winds Fickle For Match Racers
Shifts and light winds made a lottery out of Americas Cup challenger series match racing on Auckland's Hauraki Gulf yesterday. Here are race reports, the latest of who won, who lost, the points to date and the weather conditions expected for today's ...
10: Americas Cup - America One Beats Leading Prada
Luna Rossa (ITA-48) managed to get on the stern of AmericaOne (USA-49) with two minutes to go before the start. Francesco De Angelis was trying to push Paul Cayard towards the start line but he came too close and hit AmericaOne's transom square in the middle.
11: Rebel Caucus Outraged At Benefit Bonus Backdown
The Rebel Caucus today voiced its disgust that the incoming government had reneged on their promise of a $20 per week benefit increase, saying that it was tantamount to a cut in beneficiaries' incomes and could split the coalition.
12: Greens $250 Million Christmas Bonus Grossly Unfair
The cost of the Greens 'Christmas Bonus' for all beneficiaries has today been put at a staggering $250 million.
13: Jeanette Fitzsimons wins Coromandel
The Green Party's Jeanette Fitzsimons has won the Coromandel electorate by 246 votes after the counting of special votes on Tuesday.
14: Simon Upton: The Arrival Of The Greens
"The arrival of the Greens will put the Labour Alliance coalition agreement to the test sooner than later", outgoing State Services Minister Simon Upton said today.
15: Tasmania Moves Towards Cannabis Decriminalisation
In an Australian first, Tasmanian cannabis smokers will, from next year, be given up to three chances to reform their ways before they face criminal charges. John Howard reports.
16: Rankin Thursday: No Seattle Washington Consensus
The "Washington Consensus" is the popular name for the neoliberal policy programme promoted by the Bretton Woods institutions: the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, and the late-born World Trade Organisation (WTO).
17: Stocks Warning Sounded By Aussie Exchange Head
The chairman of the Australian Stock Exchange is warning that narrow trade on soaring global markets is a sign they could "implode" soon. John Howard reports.
18: Minority government is weak government - Prebble
ACT Leader Richard Prebble said the country did not welcome the news that Labour and the Alliance look likely to be a minority government.
19: Wellington Council Loan $300k For Film / TV School
The Wellington City Council has approved $300,000 for a loan to set up a Film and TV school in the city, but it will face some stiff international competition via the Internet. John Howard reports.
20: Americas Cup - Prada Leads Table As RR2 Ends
Round Robin two of the Louis Vuitton Cup Challenger Selection Series ended after three previously cancelled matches were re-sailed from Race 6 of 14 November. Team Prada's yacht Luna Rossa completed the Round Robin yesterday with a total of 46 points, ...
21: Scoop Today - WINSTON WINS BY 62!
Winston holds Tauranga by 62 VOTES! And all the rest of the days news...
22: Greens can Thank ALCP for Win
The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party is claiming a key role in the election success of the Green Pary.
23: Ambassador Beeman Moves On With Kiwi Daughter
Tomorrow marks the changing of the guard at the United States Embassy as Ambassador Josiah Beeman, his wife Susan, and their 6 month-old New Zealand-born daughter Olivia, leave our shores. John Howard reports.
24: Warning Labels for Green MPs
A Libertarianz spokesman says Green MPs preparing for parliament have already demonstrated the need for their own warning labels: 'Warning. These politicians contain socialism - consumption or use of their ideas will be dangerous to you, your property, your ...
25: Reflections On The 1999 General Election
The 1999 General Election was a return to normalcy, rather than a radical change, Hon Peter Dunne, United New Zealand leader and MP for Ohariu-Belmont, told Tawa Rotary club this evening.
26: "Nandor for Minister of Hemp", say Legalisers
Cannabis reform campaigners congratulated the Greens tonight on their "awesome re-entry", with the special vote from cannabis country Coromandel putting six "grass root" MP's into the House of Representatives.
27: National radio Midday Bulletin
Cabinet - NZ First - Ikaroa Rawhiti - Russia - Middle East - Tattoo - Maori - Morphine - Challenge
28: Parliament and Peters Still Hangs On The Specials
The Greens have made it with six MPs into parliament but the future of NZ First and party leader Winston Peters still hangs in the balance.
29: Oklahoma Teenage Shooter Used Dad's Gun, Bullets
The Oklahoma teenager who opened fire on his classmates on Monday used a semi-automtic pistol and ammunition taken from his father’s wardrobe.
30: Newsflash: Greens Expect To Win Coromandel!
Green party co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons has just told Radio New Zealand that she expects to win the seat of Coromandel in a result expected around 7pm tonight.
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