INDEPENDENT NEWS update notice: 20 November 1999

Published: Sun 21 Nov 1999 03:06 PM Update notice: 20 November 1999
Genetic Engineering:
Genetic Engineering Free Zone declared in Auckland's Western Bays.
US - Scientists and others call for suspension of GM releases.
It is a well-established fallacy that only small numbers of people care about the environment. Though the polls might not show it.
Public & Mental Health:
Income inequality in New Zealand has meant that more babies died than if the income gaps was better. A stunning report in the Lancet uses our own research.
East Timor:
The Indonesian army they are busy 'repositioning, redefining and revitalising' themselves.
Since 1992, the Clinton administration has sold or licensed more than $1 billion worth of arms to Indonesia, and has provided training to its military as well.
Defence Policy:
Check out an atlas of worldwide arms trade by the USA
@ Participatory Democracy:
NZ Media contact list
PROUT Proutist Universal. Is is a spiritually-based socio-economic theory as opposed to the materialistically-based economic theories of capitalism and communism. Its the stuff that paradigms are made of. Proutist Universal was primarily responsible for organising the "Reclaiming APEC" conference held in Auckland in September and with others, the "Beyond Capitalism" seminar held in Wellington in October last year.
@Environmental Organisation:
Eco-Portal ...Full Text Searches of Reviewed Environmental Internet Content
Center for Ethics & Toxics (CETOS)
@East Timor:
TAPOL, Indonesia Human Rights Campaign A very comprehensive Internet Guide
Internet sources on Kosovo.
@Inter-Governmental Organisations / United Nations:
Documents site.
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