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Published: Mon 8 Nov 1999 05:14 PM
The top 20 rating items on Scoop today are...
1: Rugby, Politics and the News
Last Monday morning – Black Monday – the All Blacks were beaten 43- 31 by France. Last Monday afternoon in the Beehive an “urgent” press conference was called by the PM. The PM announced that the government believed it was possible to lower both the ...
2: Prebble Spits Dummy Over Arts Interview
The wheels temporarily came off the ACT machine over the weekend when National Radio played a pre-recorded interview with party leader Richard Prebble on ACT’s views on funding for the arts. Jonathan Hill writes.
3: Americas Cup Challenger Series RR2 Begins
The second Round Robin of the Louis Vuitton Cup (the Challenger Selection Series for the XXX America's Cup) started Today.
4: Prebble: the Art'ful dodger
Richard Prebble's determination to hide Act's real agenda came unravelled in a bizarre performance on National Radio's Arts Week programme, Labour spokesperson on cultural affairs Judith Tizard said today.
5: Irish Eyes: Cloning The Weather
Against the backdrop of the latest super computer predictions that we have truly stuffed the world’s climate and should expect a good deal of suffering next century as a result of global warming, Irish Eyes seeks to provide a way of watering the ...
6: Mike Moore in Hot Water Over WTO Negotiations
New Zealander Mike Moore, now heading the WTO, is in hot water with fourteen developing countries who say they are being shut out of WTO negotitations. John Howard reports.
7: McGillicuddy Serious Party List Announced
The McGillicuddy Serious Party released it's party list the other day, and has seen fit to make public announcement. Party Secretary Bernard Smith has expressed great pleasure in the team the selection committee has got together. "We are delighted ...
8: Australian Govt Confirms Global Spy Agency Exists
Confirmation has come from the Australian government that Echelon, a global network which can eavesdrop on phone, fax or e-mail anywhere on the planet, does exist. US Congressmen are calling for a full inquiry. John Howard reports.
9: A Very Hot Link - Jenny Soars In Waikato Poll
The following is a link to a running daily poll being conducted by Waikato University's Politics department.
10: Welcome To Godzone Ambassador Moseley-Braun
In the absence of archconservative, Sen. Jesse Helms, the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing last Friday, gave US Ambassador-designate to New Zealand, Carol Moseley-Braun, a cordial reception which means she will almost be guaranteed the ...
11: The Long Awaited Precedent For The Left
Well the deed is finally done. Despite long denying the possibility of any such action, Alliance MP Phillida Bunkle finally bit the bullet this week and pulled out of the race for the prize seat of Wellington Central. Jonathan Hill writes.
12: US Congress Holds Hearings Into Global Spy Network
US Congressman, Bob Barr, has been successful in persuading Congress to open hearings into a developing bombshell that a US computer network called Echelon is spying on people around the world. John Howard reports the latest.
13: Hot Link: Bewildered party fights for recognition!
Scoop Hot Link: See…New Political Party…
14: Moral Cannibalism To End
"Is it more noble, to give or to receive?" asks Sally O'Brien, Libertarianz Social Welfare Deregulation Spokesman. "I suggest," she says, "that it is more noble to produce, for without the producer there is nothing for either ...
15: Scoop Images: And Not A Hobbit Was Stirring
The following pictures show the inside of the set for the town of Bree from the Lord of The Rings Trilogy which began shooting in New Zealand yesterday under the direction of Peter Jackson.
16: Australia Keeps Our Queen
Australia has rejected becoming a republic with the referendum failing to meet either of the two requirements to be passed. John Howard reports.
17: Scoop Images: Jonah Gets A Punch In The Nose
Produced by some internet wit….it seems that the net audience at least are not ready to forgive the All Blacks yet…
18: Scoop Images: Hart Names Replacement All Blacks
Another pic in the genre Scoop readers are growing accustomed to.
19: Upton On Line - God Save The Queen!
Six years ago, New Zealanders, irritated with politicians, decided to turn their electoral system upside down.
20: National and Act Don't Even Understand Questions
"There is absolutely no point in asking National or Act for the answers to the problems faced in tertiary education, they don't even seem to understand the questions!" That was the conclusion reached by Victoria University of Wellington Students' Association ...
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