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Published: Fri 5 Nov 1999 04:30 PM
Todays top 20 rating items on Scoop are...
1: All Blacks vs South Africa – Oh No Not Again!@#
Cullen shifted to full back. Umaga off for Alatini. The commentators like this. The All Blacks seem to be spurred too. For a while. Hoeft comes on for Dowd.
2: A Very Hot Link - Jenny Soars In Waikato Poll
The following is a link to a running daily poll being conducted by Waikato University's Politics department.
3: All Blacks vs South Africa - Half Time Talk
Come on Cullen. We need magic! Mehrts, Jeff, please, get it together. Order. Find touch. No more chargedowns, please. Forwards, effort IS REQUIRED! WORK. WORK. WORK. And hold on to the ball. Kees, fantastic work, keep it up. The rest of you. Be like ...
4: Herald Poll - One Per cent between Nats and Labour
The latest Herald Digi Poll shows the gap between National and Labour has dropped to just one per cent.
5: This Cruel Australian Shore
While all you kiwi kiwis wail and gnash your teeth following the All Black's tragic loss against France last weekend, spare a thought for the thousands of kiwi refugees over here suffering on this cruel Australian shore. We are daily on the receiving ...
6: Keri Hulme On The Joys Of A Republic Of NZ
At the turn of the century Richard Seddon trumpeted, “One Empire, one language, one people.”
7: Scoop Images: Salt In The Wound
Scoop received the following in the mail in the wake of the All Blacks loss to France in the Rugby World Cup...
8: The Long Awaited Precedent For The Left
Well the deed is finally done. Despite long denying the possibility of any such action, Alliance MP Phillida Bunkle finally bit the bullet this week and pulled out of the race for the prize seat of Wellington Central. Jonathan Hill writes.
9: Scoop Images: Our Heroes Prepare To Do Battle
The All Blacks as portrayed in three mock-up advertising images prepared by a Copenhagen expatriate fan….
10: HARD NEWS: Lies, Losses, Lists and Lingerie
GOOD DAY MEDIAPHILES ... so the All Blacks lost. They fell to bits for 20 minutes in the second half of their World Cup semi final, blew a 14 point lead and surrendered the match and their Cup hopes to a French side they thrashed 54-7 at the beginning ...
11: Scoop Images: Jonah Gets A Punch In The Nose
Produced by some internet wit….it seems that the net audience at least are not ready to forgive the All Blacks yet…
12: Scoop Images: Supercomputer Plots Stubborn Storm
TV3 weather guru Augie Auer is predicting a big horrible mean storm for the coming 48 hours. Put away your boats. Watch out for floods and stay at home, he says. Scoop plots the storm.
13: NZ First Disorganised Personality Cult: Ex Members
The release of the NZ First party list today does nothing to dispel the impression that the party is a "disintegrating, disorganised and divisive personality cult," say two former candidates, Rex Widerstrom and David Stevenson.
14: A Story You Would Probably Rather Not Read
The All Blacks lost. Yes, it is unthinkable. But yes, it has happened. France beat us. Horribly. And no its not over. We have to play again. Against the Springboks. For third place! So yes, in short, it is awful.
15: Australian Govt Confirms Global Spy Agency Exists
Confirmation has come from the Australian government that Echelon, a global network which can eavesdrop on phone, fax or e-mail anywhere on the planet, does exist. US Congressmen are calling for a full inquiry. John Howard reports.
16: Scoop Images: And Not A Hobbit Was Stirring
The following pictures show the inside of the set for the town of Bree from the Lord of The Rings Trilogy which began shooting in New Zealand yesterday under the direction of Peter Jackson.
17: Scoop Images: A Rainy Morning In Auckland
More plots of the storm...
18: Scoop Images: More Storm Watch Pics...
Well the storm doesn't look too horrible for Wellington anyway....
19: Upton On Line - Labour's Mirror Policy
If Labour and the Alliance can reverse the trend of recent polls and form a government after this election, it would be the first truly left-wing administration since 1972-5.
20: Freedom of Speech Ban Brings Silence
"It seems another bastion in the fight for the freedom of speech was silenced today," says a Libertarianz Spokesman. "Havana House Cigars held out as long as they could against the nico-nazis and their draconian laws banning information ...
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