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Published: Wed 27 Oct 1999 07:51 PM
1. HOLIDAYS - A work place survey has found workers are being shortchanged when it comes to holidays. A majority of the people surveyed wanted the Holidays Act amended. More had difficulties with the Act and did not know what they were entitled too. One in five bosses don't give staff days off when they work public holidays. Polling shows jobs and employment are shaping up to be a major election issue. Most politicians agree the Act should be changed.
2. WAITER SHORTAGE - The restaurant industry is being warned that a shortage of skilled waiters and chefs is looming.
3. READING LESSONS - A study has shown that reading recovery programmes intended to help children are not working. The study says emphasis is being placed on the wrong things in learning to read and those on the courses are suffering self-esteem problems. The study recommends more checks on the programmes which should be refined not replaced.
4. FIREWORKS - Fireworks went on sale today and there are concerns about them being stored up for the New Year and creating a fire risk.
5. NURSES STRIKE - Nurses in some Canterbury hospitals have begun rolling strikes. They want higher base pay rates.
6. VIAGRA - An American study shows Viagra can help women with sex life problems during menopause.
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