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Published: Fri 8 Oct 1999 05:21 PM
Today's Top 20 rating Scoops were...
1: Scoop Images: Swing Low Sweet Chariot (OFFENSIVE)
READERS NOTE - WARNING: The following image is offensive and not particularly sporting. After consulting internally and considering blanking out the offensive words we have decided to use it at is. Consider yourself warned if you choose to view.
2: Scoop Puzzle: Is This An Aussie? What Is He Up To?
We received the above image yesterday via e-mail. It appears to show a soldier carrying a Steyr rifle with an Australian imprint the word “Humps” and various things written in Indonesian on it.
3: Steyr Butt Writings Translated
It looks as though an Aussie soldier has written the Indonesian for "Halt, hands up!" on his rifle."
4: Election 1999:: Two Weeks Down Seven To Go
If there was ever any doubt that tertiary education was shaping up to be one of the key election issues, then week two of the election campaign has put those doubts to rest.
5: House: Valedictory of Rt. Hon. Sir William Birch
Valedictory Speech To House Of Representatives Rt Hon Sir William Birch, MP For Port Waikato
6: House: Valedictory - Rt Hon Sir Douglas Graham
As there are a number of valedictory speeches to be delivered, I am more than happy to go along with Henry VIII who is said to have informed Anne Boleyn - "I don't intend to keep you long!"
7: Fire Fight In East Timor - Two Killed Two Injured
The Australian Army is remaining tight-lipped about two soldiers injured in an East Timor militia ambush late yesterday.
8: Rebel Lecturer Apologises For Strike
While Victoria University of Wellington's academics went on strike today there were signs that the industrial action was not supported by even the half of Victoria's staff that belong to their union.
9: “The Lord Of The Rings” To Begin Photography In NZ
(Los Angeles, October 7, 1999) – The Lord of the Rings film trilogy begins principal photography in Wellington, New Zealand, on October 11, 1999, under the direction of Peter Jackson, it was jointly announced today by Robert Shaye, Chairman and Chief ...
10: House: Valedictory Of Hon. Jack Elder
(Hansard transcript of the valedictory speech of Hon Jack Elder to Parliament delivered yesterday at 3.30pm.)
11: Donald Quits
"I'm disappointed Rod Donald is throwing the towel in without a contest. He was a likeable character and he has certainly made an impression on New Zealand politics," says Banks Peninsula MP David Carter.
12: Keith Rankin Column: MMP Commonsense
The coming election gives us renewed opportunity to interpret everything that politicians say and do with cynicism. It would be nice if we can rise above such a self-imposed stupor. We did it with APEC.
13: ACT rejects retiring Minister's comments
ACT New Zealand wishes Sir Douglas Graham well for his retirement, ACT Deputy Leader Ken Shirley said today.
14: On the real significance of November's election
Every election is, of course, of vital interest to politicians and those who earn their living either helping or hindering them. The world beyond the Ngauranga interchange (which for the benefit of non-Wellingtonians is where the bumpy old Hutt Motorway ...
15: Alliance to hold Winston Peters accountable
The Alliance is launching a campaign to remind people of Winston Peters' betrayal at the last election.
16: House: Valedictory of Hon. Denis Marshall
It has been a privilege and an honour to serve in this House for the past 15 years. Some people would see 15 years here as a sentence – in fact counting educational establishments I have spent 25 years of my life institutionalised. The real world ...
17: Give them jobs not drugs!
New Zealand First is outraged at Helen Clark's announcement yesterday at a Victoria University student forum, that the Labour Party would condone the use of cannabis.
18: City Voice: Arts for whose sake?
As a preview to next week’s City Voice Arts Forum (see… note at end of story for details) City Voice Newspaper's Simon Vita takes a look at issues surrounding the arts and culture debate.
19: NZ's political leanings - Left, Right or Both?
When New Zealanders place themselves on the political spectrum the majority opt for centre-left according to the New Zealand Values Study but when it comes to specific ideology we are much more confused.
20: Security Rifts Threaten Indonesian Stabity
The ongoing sectarian violence in Indonesia’s Ambon has claimed over 15 lives since Oct. 3. Reports suggest that the latest violence was triggered and sustained by factionalism among security forces. Ever widening splits between factions in the military and ...
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