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Published: Wed 6 Oct 1999 08:17 AM
Yesterday's Top 20 rating items on Scoop were...
1: Telecom One New Zealand Challenge
New Zealand’s leading broadcaster and New Zealand’s leading telecommunications company have joined together in a programme designed to put every New Zealander on screen for the Millennium.
2: Kevin Roberts - Honk If You Love Toyota!
What's driving the future of automotive brands? Address to the Toyota Australia dealers conference Sydney, 23 September 1999
3: The Biggest Money Laundering Scandal In History
Concern is mounting worldwide that donor-money countries provide to the IMF and World Bank for loans may not be reaching those in need. John Howard reports.
4: Henare Supports Elder's Retirement
"Mauri Pacific fully understands Jack Elder's decision to step down at this year's election," its Leader, Hon Tau Henare, said today.
5: Minister Announces Retirement
The Minister of Internal Affairs, Jack Elder, has announced he’ll be retiring from Parliament at the General Election.
6: Questions For Oral Answer Tuesday, 5 October 1999
Today’s questions for oral answer by Ministers are….
7: Govt ducking questions on Winz debacle
The Government appears determined to duck Parliamentary questions on the Auditor-General's inquiry into the Work and Income NZ chartered aircraft affair, says Labour's social welfare spokesperson Steve Maharey.
8: Beware Of Another Timberlands Stunt!
Native Forest Action urges the public and media to be skeptical of the latest Timberlands public relations stunt which is scheduled for Tuesday, 12:30pm outside Parliament Buildings.
9: McCully insults industry and the truth
ACC Minister Murray McCully insulted the convenors and participants at the International Forest Industry Safety Conference today by lying about Labour's ACC policy and the National Government's ACC "reforms", Labour ACC spokesperson Ruth Dyson ...
10: Hard News - Doing It For The Kids
GOOD DAY MEDIAPHILES ... so we have a date with democracy on November 27, and not November 6. The Prime Minister has apparently surprised the pundits and disappointed some of her caucus by going for the earlier date.
11: Fear and Loathing in "serene" Sri Lanka
Walking around in downtown Colombo, with its magnificent Ocean front on one side and its colonial buildings on another, it is easy to forget about a war being fought in the country somewhere in the North. The three-wheelers, the hawkers selling everything ...
12: Questions Of The Day (1-6)
PM Comments and Rising Poverty – Housing Retort – Shrinking Economy Explained – Whakatane Hospital Discrimination? – Death Of Mrs Heenan (not asked) – Govt View On Anti-defection Legislation
13: National Radio Midday Bulletin
East Timor: Donations, Refugees – Jack Elder – Genetics: Petition, Monsanto, Farm Conference – Split ENZ Concert – Drug Use – Chechnya – UN Human Rights Committee – Birth Interventions – Snail Study – Nuclear Accident – Rugby World Cup
14: Parliament's Order Paper
Today's order paper for government orders of the day contains the following...this is the final sitting week of this session.
15: Questions Of The Day (7-12)
Polls On The ECA – Student Loan Interest – GE Food – Road Toll – Tomorrow’s Schools - Mental Health Funding
16: Week One On The Election Campaign
Last weeks announcement of the November 27 election date has well and truly seen campaigning by all parties begin in earnest. Jonathan Hill reports on the first of nine long weeks.
17: MP numbers debate welcome
The initiative of the group of academics campaigning against the referendum to reduce the numbers of MPs in Parliament is warmly commended by Waitakere MP and Chair of the Electoral Law Select Committee, Hon Marie Hasler,
18: Scoop Today - Even More News Than Usual
Note: This is a special extended bulletin - Including today's news and highlights from the weekend...
19: Rebel Caucus Members Slam Labour Tertiary Policy
Members of the Rebel Caucus have slammed Labour's Tertiary Education policy, released on Wednesday.
20: South Pacific And Africa Face Up To Globalisation
African leaders began meeting this week to discuss the effects of globalisation on small economies, while at the South Pacific Forum, Pacific nations have been accused of being too dependent on outside powers. Smaller trade and economic blocs are a ...
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