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Published: Thu 23 Sep 1999 08:22 AM
The top 20 rating items on Scoop yesterday were...
1: The Phenomena Of 'PC Rage'
What would you think if....the person sitting at the desk next to you was to stand up right now and began yelling profanities, 'head-butting' their monitor or pick up their PC and throw it to the ground?
2: Anti Independence Coalition Forms In Timor
Militia leaders are saying let the UN troops die of malaria while Indonesian troops watch with apparent bemusement as members of the UN forces arrive in East Timor dressed in heavy battle fatigues, armoured vests, full packs and ammunition belts in the ...
3: Nats Not Standing In Wellington Central
The President of the New Zealand National Party, John Slater, announced today that the Party would not be standing a Constituency Candidate in the Wellington Central Electorate for the 1999 General Election.
4: Hobbs ready for vigorous campaign
Labour Wellington Central candidate Marian Hobbs said today she was confident that she would pick up many National votes in the electorate.
5: Five Steps Backward
Education Minister Nick Smith is shocked and surprised at just how backward looking Labour's education policy has become following Helen Clark's address to the NZEI Conference today.
6: Wellington Central a contest for the best local MP
"The greatest compliment another party can pay an MP is to acknowledge they are doing an effective job as local MP.
7: US Intelligence Say Habibie “Right Type Of Person"
Recently declassified documents from the US Commerce Department reveal the Clinton White House intelligence report on Indonesian President, B.J. Habibie. In the CIA’s opinion Habibe is "the type of official needed today in developing countries." ...
8: Bluff oysters are on the summer menu for last Time
Bluff oyster lovers rejoice. You’re in for a rare treat with the announcement today that a national supermarket chain is stocking about one million of the southern delicacy.
9: Labour Promises 62 New Ministries - Sowry
Labour has promised to create 62 Ministers, Ministries, Offices, Funds says Roger Sowry. See the list here.
10: Internet Users the Losers From 0867 Decision
New Zealand's Internet users and the knowledge economy are the losers from the government's endorsement today of Telecom's 0867 regime, said CLEAR Communications.
11: US Farmers Call For More Tariffs
US farmers are calling for more tariffs saying they merely help pay for American infrastructure which supports importers while in a related story, Britain has approved an emergency aid package, converted to NZ dollars, of $ 450 million to help farmers. ...
12: NZ First Accuses National Of Deserting Wellington
National has just officially abandoned the people of Wellington, the New Zealand First Leader, Winston Peters, said today.
13: Oz tax move must be seen in context
"Australia's decision to ease the corporate tax rate down to 30 cents over the next two years must be seen in context," Labour finance spokesperson Michael Cullen said today.
14: Labour's foolproof employment policy
Labour's employment policy includes one concept, which is guaranteed to create jobs, said the Hon Roger Sowry, Minister of Employment.
15: Govt Announces Decision On Telecom 0867 Initiative
The Government is satisfied that assurances now given by Telecom for its 0867 initiative meet the policy objectives of its Kiwi Share Obligations (KSO), Minister of Finance Sir William Birch and Communications Minister Maurice Williamson announced today.
16: National Radio Midday Bulletin
Cardno Killer - Wellington Deal - Pay Parity - China/Taiwan - Quake - Soldiers - Journalists Ambushed - Refugees - Claims - Teachers - Hospital Sued - Cricket
17: Labour will revisit Telecom decision
"The Government's decision to kowtow to Telecom is gutless and will be revisited by a Labour Government," Labour commerce spokesperson Paul Swain said today.
18: Clark: speech to NZEI meeting, Wellington, 21/9/99
Thank you for the invitation to address your conference today. I want to take this opportunity to thank NZEI for your willingness to keep Labour informed about issues in education, and for the expertise you have made available to us in our policy development. ...
19: Scoop Images: Air New Zealand’s All Black Plane
Air New Zealand has added the All Blacks front row to the side of their newest Boeing 747 which will take Taine Randell and the All Blacks to the World Cup.
20: Sky Loses Replay Rights To News And Holmes
TV ONE has today advised SKY Network Television Ltd of its intention to withdraw the rights to replay One Network News and Holmes.
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