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Published: Tue 21 Sep 1999 08:16 AM
Yesterday's top 20 rating items on Scoop were...
1: The Implications Of The CTU Scoop Censorship
As a journalist working extremely hard to produce a service that I want to be the best of its kind I am angered and astounded that the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions seems set on trying to undermine Scoop Media.
They show what appear to be Indonesian troops gunning down a youth in the street's of East Timor as he runs away.
3: "Today The Real Bludgers Are At The Top"
Speech Notes from an Address by the Rt Hon Winston Peters to a Public Meeting at 2:30 pm on Sunday 19th September 1999 at Mount Albert Grammar School, 36 Alberton Avenue, Mount Albert, AUCKLAND.
4: Scoop News Analysis: East Timor - The End Game
What is really going on in East Timor and Jakarta? Scoop's Alastair Thompson surveys the limited sources of information currently available and attempts to reconcile what is clearly a very complicated crisis.
5: Scoop Column: Abolish IMF And World Bank
The annual meetings of the IMF and the World Bank in Washington next week will discuss whether commercial banks and private investors should play a bigger role in bailing out troubled national economies. Scoop’s West Coast correspondent John Howard writes ...
6: Greens Say NZ Importing Glow-In-The-Dark GE Mice
Mice that glow in the dark are to be used for medical experiments in New Zealand, Green Party Co-Leader Jeanette Fitzsimons revealed today.
7: Treading On Toes - US Business In Indonesia
"We have myriad business interests in Indonesia," said US State Department spokesperson, Jaine Rubin, when explaining his government's reluctant involvement in East Timor. John Howard reports.
8: Is East Timor Really "Out Of Control"?
A front-page New York Times article about the precarious situation in East Timor (9/12/99) began by reporting that Indonesian "Gen. Wiranto, conceded Saturday that he had lost control of elements of his military" that were operating on ...
9: ACT New Zealand Party List
PRESS RELEASE ACT New Zealand Party List 19 September 1999 Position Surname First Name 1 Prebble Richard 2 Shirley Ken 3 Franks Stephen 4 Awatere Huata Donna 5 Hide Rodney 6 Jennings Owen 7 Newman Muriel 8 Webster Penny 9 Eckhoff Gerry 10 Roy Heather ...
10: "Are votes more important than jobs?"
Wellington students were concerned last week at Labour deputy-leader Michael Cullen's flippant attitude towards employment. At a public meeting, local student and Young National Brendan Pallesen raised concerns over job losses on the West Coast with ...
11: Government Fails To Research Policy
A letter received from the Ministry of Education has confirmed the APSU Student Unions fear that the Bright Future strategy announced by National was based not on solid research but on conjecture and untested assumptions.
12: Govt. suppressing NZQA scandal
The Government is holding back information outlining spending within the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, Labour education spokesperson Trevor Mallard said today.
13: Scoop’s Latest Words On Lord Of The Rings Filming
Scoop understands that some filming for the massive trilogy The Lord Of The Rings is to take place in the countryside West of Masterton.
14: Tertiary Ed Minister caught with foot in mouth
The Alliance said Max Bradford should have read the Alliance Tertiary policy before putting his foot in it.
15: Men And Women For War But Not Student Allowances
University of Canterbury Students’ Association President, Darel Hall, will make the following comment in Canta magazine this week. Darel Hall was a territorial soldier for five years, and has led the UCSA in laying wreaths at Anzac day for the last ...
16: Scoop Archive: Once upon a time there was a small island nation..
United Party Leader Peter Dunne's speech in the debate on sending peacekeepers to East Timor was in the form of a story about a small island nation...
17: Election Date To Be Announced Next Weekend
Prime Minister Jenny Shipley said today she will announce the date of the 1999 general election following a special caucus to be held in Auckland on Sunday 26 September.
18: Alliance tertiary education policy announced
Phasing out of tertiary fees, zero interest on student loans and the introduction of allowances for all students are the main features of the Alliance tertiary education policy.
19: National Radio Midday Bulletin
Troops In Timor - Stent - Tax - Alliance Tax - Investigation - PTU - Christchurch Coal - Shooting - New Bank - Trampers Missing - Plants Dying
20: Peacekeepers A Beacon Of Hope, Says PM
New Zealand's soldiers going to East Timor will be a beacon of hope for a beleaguered, weary people, Prime Minister Jenny Shipley said today.
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