Scoop Ratings – Today’s Top 30 Rating Items

Published: Mon 13 Sep 1999 08:16 AM
Today’s top 30 rating items on Scoop yesterday were…
1: Indonesia’s Triumph – Operation “Restore Order”
Indonesia has been widely condemned over the past two weeks for its failure to keep order in East Timor. With calm apparently restored inside the Indonesian territory, Scoop's Alastair Thompson today brings you the first glimpses of the inside story ...
2: Scoop Images: More Images From APEC
Shipley Effig - Tempers Rise Over Indonesia - Offensive (confiscated) Clinton Banner
3: Reports Suggest Calm May Be Returning To Dili
Reports today suggest calm may be returning to Dili and that the violence in East Timor is passing.
4: Peacekeepers In East Timor Within Days?
Foreign Minister Don McKinnon says there is a growing belief that there will be a peacekeeping force within days as pressure mounts on Indonesia.
5: Decision Time For International Community On Timor
The international community gathered in Auckland tonight is clearly presented with a changing situation in East Timor which will require a decisive response.
6: Noam Chomsky Comments On APEC Summit And Timor
There are many topics of major long-term significance that should be addressed at the APEC conference, but one is of consuming importance and overwhelming urgency. We all know exactly what it is, and why it must be placed at the forefront of concern ...
7: Auckland On The Brink Of APEC
The skyline above Auckland’s central city resembles scenes from the movie Apocalypse Now. Huey choppers hover above Aotea Centre Square, their gunner doors open and at the ready. The “thud thud thud” of the sound breaking blades pound windows of the ...
8: USA President Bill Clinton Arrives In New Zealand
His motorcade is now heading into Auckland to the Stamford Plaza Hotel where the President will be in residence over the next three days.
9: Scoop Images: APEC The Calm Before The Storm
Images from around APEC yesterday before the Clinton roadshow arrived…it was peaceful and quiet…. Scoop reporter Selwyn Manning says the helicopters and security in place now for the President are now giving the atmosphere an Apocalypse Now character. ...
10: The Pleasanties Of The Corporate Culture
Last month my father lost his job which, in a country with relatively high levels of unemployment is not in itself a big deal. However the nature in which the job was taken had me astounded at the coldness of the corporate culture. Jonathan Hill ...
11: Protest Space Scarce As APEC Moves Into High Gear
More immigrant groups representing developing countries like India, with a strong Kashmir contingent, are well organised and vocal in getting their message soliciting world recognition of the human rights abuses they claim to suffer back in India.
12: WTO and Taiwan Dominate Meeting of Presidents
United States and China are moving closer to achieving an elusive trade deal and China¡¦s entry into the World Trade Organisation may be managed before the WTO talks scheduled for November.
13: NZ Singapore Free Trade Deal A "Bogor Blueprint"
Designed on the blueprint of CER, New Zealand and Singapore have sealed a free trade agreement.
14: Life For Watson
Scott Watson's guilty verdict has probably brought to a close the most high profile criminal case in recent years.
15: HARD NEWS 10/9/99 - Blood and Fear
HARD NEWS is first broadcast in Auckland on 95bFM around 8.45am on Fridays and replayed around 4.30pm Friday and 10am Sunday on The Culture Bunker. A digest appears monthly in Re:Mix magazine. You can listen to 95bFM live on the Internet. Point your web ...
16: Scoop Takes You To East Timor And Inside APEC
Wellington internet based news agency Scoop today proudly launched an internet based special focussing on the rapidly unfolding events in East Timor and in Auckland at the APEC summit. Presented with the assistance of
17: Australia Getting Big Wake Up Call From NZ
New Zealand's number one energy drink V is taking the highly competititve Australian beverage market by storm.
18: Scoop Images: The Spied Upon
His tale reads like a scene out of the Frederick Forsyth book "The ODESSA File".But while what you read here is clock and dagger, it is not fiction.
19: Shipley Calls For Rich/Poor Divide To Be Reduced
A renewed commitment to narrowing the forever widening gap between rich and poor needs to be addressed, says New Zealand Prime minister Jenny Shipley.
20: Clinton: “The eyes of the world are on East Timor"
Transcript: Clinton September 12 Remarks at CEO Summit Breakfast ("The eyes of the world today ... are on East Timor")
21: Police Arrest Anti-Clinton Protester
Police have arrested a protester for carrying a placard inscribed accusing US President Bill Clinton as being a sexual criminal.
22: Why the world is right not to act quickly in Timor
In Scoop's second guest commentary Indonesia watcher Jim Rolfe of Victoria University argues that calls for unilateral military intervention over East Timor are wrongheaded.
23: US deeply concerned about situation in East Timor
Transcript: Albright Interview with Television New Zealand (U.S. "deeply concerned" about situation in East Timor)
24: Rebels Welcome Prebble Speech
Prebble's Rebels New Zealand President, Clint Heine, today congratulated Richard Prebble on his speech to students at Canterbury University on Thursday afternoon.
25: USA/South Korea/Japan Tri-Nation Pact Brokered
A strengthened tri-nation agreement on North Korea is being brokered today by the USA, Japan and South Korea.
26: East Timor As Seen From Dublin
East Timor dominates the front pages of the press here as it does, no doubt, in New Zealand, and there is a clear sentiment that the United Nations has made another catastrophic mistake.
27: John Howard: Beyond APEC - Time To Act
Beyond the APEC '99 hoopla, the spin-doctoring, the back-slapping, the hand-shaking and the diplomatic niceties, will the world be a better place in which to live? John Howard speculates .
28: East Timor, NZ MPs & Indonesia Prepare For Ballot
The United Nations says it has almost completed registering voters in East Timor for the August 30 ballot on East Timor. Meanwhile NZ MPs are readying to leave to observe, as Indonesia predicts chaos if the province votes for independence.
29: Scoop Images: Amnesty International Display
At the Amnesty international display on Queen and Wellesley Streets
30: World Awaits Jakarta’s Statement On Peacekeepers
World leaders gathered in Auckland for the APEC leader’s summit meetings are tonight waiting for a statement from Indonesian President B.J. Habibie on whether an international peacekeeping force will be asked into East Timor to help restore peace.
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