Scoop Ratings – Yesterday’s Top 20

Published: Tue 7 Sep 1999 07:44 AM
The Top 20 rating items on Scoop yesterday were…
1: Labour Surge, Alliance Slump in Latest Poll
Today’s Herald DigiPoll shows Labour surging further ahead to 43.8 per cent, up seven points from National on 35.7 per cent.
2: HARD NEWS Who Needs Lotto When You're Michael Fay?
(Scoop Advisory: Scoop is delighted today to welcome a new columnist to the site. Russell Brown, a freelance writer for IDG, The Listener and Unlimited Magazine should be well known to readers. His HARD NEWS column is broadcast on radio 95bFM in Auckland ...
3: National Announces Party List
National Party President John Slater and Prime Minister Jenny Shipley said today they were delighted to announce the National Party List for the 1999 General Election.
4: UN Provides Bait For East Timor Disaster
Events over the past week have now brought the true situation in East Timor into the open, and in the process the innocence and naiveté of the wider international community has been harshly exposed. Scoop's Alastair Thompson analyses the latest ...
5: Failure to name election date 'petty'
The Government's failure to name an election date is petty politics at its worst, Alliance leader Jim Anderton says.
6: Soapbox 0050: Queering the pitch
Try to decide whether same-sex couples should be able to adopt children, and you soon get into a much deeper debate.
7: House: The Lord Of The Rings Amendment
Following the completion of the Government's centrepiece legislation for this session - producer board reform - MPs moved to tax legislation including a special provision to clarify the tax position of the Lord of The Rings film production.
8: Shipley dubbed “Miss-Leader of NZ Economy" at APEC
The APEC Monitoring Group has responded to Jenny Shipley’s claim that APEC has a moral dimension and that trade and investment liberalisation will benefit the poor of the region.
9: Scoop Analysis: Dissecting The National List
Where will the likely cut-off be on the National Party list following the November election?
10: National Radio Midday Bulletin
Security Council - Defence Ties - Kiwis In Indonesia - Edwards Killing - WINZ Hearing - CYPFA - Watson - Embalming Table Hearing - Power Restored
11: ABC:Secret Kopassus-militia meetings plan violence
Kerry O'Brien talks with an East Timorese activist who says he has details of secret meetings between the Indonesian military and pro-Jakarta militia to plan a new wave of violence.
12: Column: Let The Bells Of Freedom Ring
One hundred years ago, during its war on Spain the U.S. invaded the Philippines, sprayed bullets far and wide, and put the entire country under martial law.
13: CNRT: Indonesia planned post-ballot slaughter
Statement by: Mr. Joao Carrascalao Head of CNRT in Australia (National Council for Timorese Resistance) President, UDT (Timorese Democratic Union).
14: Yugoslavia - The New Iraq
While the UN considers intervention in East Timor, Yugoslavia remains devastated. The West should should remember the 2000 year-old words of the Roman, Tacticus. He said, "They make a wilderness and call it peace." John Howard reports.
15: Hutt South Candidate delighted to be off the List
"I am determined to win Hutt South as the best candidate, and the piece of paper that I want with my name on it is the one that goes in the ballot box.
16: Labour Pulling Plug On Hauraki Bill Unjustified
Conservation Minister Nick Smith is astonished at Labour's decision to pull their support on the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park and has urged Labour to reconsider.
17: Labour Politics 1st, Environment 2nd, Auckland 3rd
The Labour Party has offered weak excuses for not supporting the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park now”, said Martin Poulsen, the National Party Candidate for Auckland Central.
18: PM Asks APEC Protesters To Consider Moral Argument
Prime Minister Jenny Shipley encouraged anti-APEC protesters to consider the great benefits free trade offered those who were currently excluded from lucrative markets.
19: Telecom Heralds Southern Cross Landing In NZ
Telecom New Zealand Chief Executive Roderick Deane hailed the Southern Cross Cable landing in Takapuna today, as a significant milestone in the $2 billion investment project designed to greatly enhance New Zealand's communications with the rest of ...
20: Clark: APEC meeting must discuss East Timor
Labour Leader Helen Clark today called on the New Zealand Government to place the issue of East Timor on the agenda for discussion at the APEC summit next weekend.
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