Scoop Ratings - Polls, Loans and South Auckland

Published: Tue 24 Aug 1999 04:52 PM
Today's top 20 rating items on Scoop were...
1: Nats Losing Support to Labour, NZ First, Greens
The tide continues to turn against the National Party. Their Bright Future announcement has failed to translate into votes while the Winebox victory of Winston Peters immediately puts New Zealand First right back in the picture.
2: Student Loan Changes Widely Misunderstood
Government changes to the student loan scheme announced in November last year - and then again last week - are perhaps one of the most poorly communicated government announcements in recent times. Scoop's Jonathan Hill reports.
3: No Prime Minister: The Buck Stops With You
Prime Minister Jenny Shipley's frustration at evidence of a worsening health status for south Auckland children is a mere red herring, a smoke-screen designed to cloud the Government's role in this order of social shame.
4: The Week Ahead: Secrets, Lies, Liquor, Prod Boards
Scoop is anticipating a big week in Parliament this week with mounting pressure on the government and particularly the Prime Minister, as the opposition mounts an offensive on the Secrets and Lies revelations made by Nicky Hager last week.
5: Police Say On Your Way To Sex Workers
Police are cracking down on Auckland's homeless, street-kids, and sex workers in the run up to the APEC leader's summit meetings next month.
6: Questions For Oral Answer Tuesday, 24 August 1999
Todays questions for oral answer..
7: Bleak Day For Rainforest Conservation
Conservationists have today condemned the Government's decision to begin a major beech logging programme in 100,000 hectares of publicly owned West Coast lowland rainforest.
8: New Zealand - World Peace Capital
If Sino - US diplomatic efforts are successful, next month's APEC conference in Auckland could see New Zealand become the new peace capital of the world, establishing an entirely new industry in the process. John Howard reports.
9: National Radio Midday Bulletin
Virus - Timberlands - Banks - Quake - Winebox - Degrees of Murder - Y2K - Unions And APEC - Cricket
10: Scoop Ratings - Yesterday's Top 20
The top 20 rating items on Scoop yesterday were…
11: Diana's Death - Unanswered Questions Remain
John Howard reports that on the second anniversary of Princess Diana's death there remain a number of unanswered questions.
13: Peters' nuclear "sell-out" claim inaccurate
Winston Peters' claim last week that the Government is giving North Korea $4 million to build nuclear reactors is wildly inaccurate in every respect, Finance Minister Sir William Birch said today.
14: Beech Scheme Think Big Disaster Of New Millennium
The Green Party has slammed the National Government's decision to proceed with a massive beech forest logging scheme on the West Coast just prior to the election.
15: The Sporting Scoop: NZ Win Cricket Series
An unabashed supporter of British sport reports on a historic victory for NZ cricket and an ignominious defeat for England
16: Why New Zealand is so violent
New Zealand will keep its place as the most violent country in the developed world after South Africa until we get full employment, a victim-centred justice system and a vastly improved mental health system, Alliance leader Jim Anderton says.
17: Birch Not Fit To Be Revenue Minister - Peters
New Zealand First Leader, Rt Hon Winston Peters, today said that Revenue Minister Sir William Birch either does not understand the law or he has contempt for the law. Either way Mr Birch is not fit to be Minister of Revenue.
18: Abundant Support For Cosgrove Candidacy
"The selection of Clayton Cosgrove as Labour's candidate for the Waimakariri Electorate has been welcomed by Labour activists throughout the country," said Labour's Manurewa Electorate campaign manager Daniel Newman.
19: Green Contract Claims 'Arrant Nonsense'
"The Green Party's 'fortress New Zealand mentality', distortion of the truth and ignorance of commercial reality should be a warning to the public," Defence Minister Max Bradford said today.
20: The Dominion
ATM Wars - Watson - Clinton Escort - Quake - Tourist Found - 'Dead' Woman - NZ First - Shipley
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