Scoop Ratings - New Media And Winz Top List

Published: Thu 19 Aug 1999 02:54 PM
Scoop's top 20 rating stories as of 2.50pm were a mixed bunch....
1: The New Media Revolution
There is a new media revolution under way. You may not notice it if you are still getting the bulk of your information from Richard or Judy or Carol and John - or even the daily newspapers. John Howard reports.
2: WINZ Conferences Continue
In the same week as WINZ chief executive Christine Rankin was reprimanded for extravagance, WINZ staff were "living it up" at a three day conference in a Wellington Hotel, Green Party Co-Leader Rod Donald said today.
3: Bleakly Sexist Future for Tertiary Women
The Government's "Bright Futures" package is sexist and will do nothing to improve the situation for women students, say women student representatives and the New Zealand University Students' Association (NZUSA).
4: Labour and Hager Conspired Against Coasters
"There is clear evidence of collusion between the Labour Party and Nicky Hagar in the publication 'Secrets and Lies'," says SOE Minister Tony Ryall.
5: WINZ Pays $240,000 For Empty Offices
Associate Minister of WINZ Peter McCardle has revealed that WINZ paid almost $250,000 for empty offices since WINZ was formed last October.
6: What's today's version, Prime Minister?
Labour Leader Helen Clark said today that the Prime Minister's constantly shifting stance on her involvement, and the involvement of her staff, with Timberlands and its public relations company comes as no surprise.
7: Bill Birch Answers Dominion INCIS Questions
In answer to questions received this afternoon from the Dominion, Finance Minister Sir William Birch said tonight:
8: Christian Heritage Support Feminist Lobby
Christian Heritage Party candidate, Chris Salt, says the party supports efforts by feminist lobby groups to have the objectionable Rock FM billboards removed. "They are offensive to both men and women," says Mr Salt.
9: Shandwick Apologise To New Zealand - NFA
Shandwick, Timberlands' Wellington public relations company, should apologise to New Zealand for all the secretive manipulation it has done for Timberlands, said Native Forest Action spokesperson, Dean Baigent-Mercer.
10: Winston Peters Gay Bashing
ACT Leader Richard Prebble says he's received disturbing reports that Winston Peters is gay bashing, particularly when addressing elderly audiences.
11: Read 'Secrets And Lies' Before Talking About it
Native Forest Action has today challenged people speaking in the media about Secrets and Lies to read the book before opening their mouths.
12: Telecom Launches New Payphone Network
The first of Telecom's 6,500 new Payphones are being installed today, offering customers technologically advanced, easy-to-use phones with a variety of payment options.
13: Brash's position becoming untenable
Alliance leader Jim Anderton says the Governor of the Reserve Bank is becoming so politically partisan, his position at the head of the bank is becoming untenable.
14: Cannabis Out Of Closet, But Don't Hold Your Breath
Scoop's Jonathan Hill looks at why we are unlikely to see the urgent issues associated with skyrocketing cannabis use addressed in the near future.
15: Abortion/Breast Cancer Link Disputed
Women's Health Action executive director, Sandra Coney, today disputed the claim of a visiting doctor, Dr Joel Brind, that abortion increased the risk of breast cancer.
16: Brain Drain Bribery
"The 'Five Steps' package trumpeted today by the government is another case of politicians trying to bribe us with our own money," says Libertarianz Spokesman Peter Cresswell. "Expect to see Ministers posing for photos with scientists ...
17: National Radio Midday Bulletin
CYPFA - Quake - Bombed - Labour - Blood - Trial - Dogs - Lighters - Safety Scheme - Trial - Tattoo
18: Speech to Bright Future Launch, Avalon, 18 August
The Bright Future programme is one of the ways the Government will contribute to building a stronger, more diversified economy in the future.
19: Scoop Ratings - Today's Top 20
Today's top 20 rating items on Scoop were...
20: To Those Who Have It Shall Be Given
The APSU Student Union is not impressed with the "5 Steps" announced today by National.
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