Scoop Ratings - Today's Top 20

Published: Fri 13 Aug 1999 03:59 PM
The top 20 rating items on Scoop today are...
1: Lava Magazine: The Scoop On Scoop
Article republished with the kind permission of Lava magazine...
2: Scoop's Questions For Tomorrow's RNZ Staff Meeting
Scoop would like to be a fly on the wall at tomorrow's (Friday) meeting in Wellington between representatives of Radio New Zealand's board and its staff.
3: Changes To Loan Scheme Announced By Shipley
In a speech titled Good Policy Good Government today, Prime Minister Jenny Shipley announced two changes to the student loan scheme. The extract of her speech outlining these changes follows.
4: TRANSCRIPT: Jamie Shea Talks To The West Pacific
WORLDNET "DIALOGUE" - UNITED STATES INFORMATION AGENCY -GUEST: Jamie Shea, NATO Spokesman - TOPIC: NATO's Role in Kosovo - POSTS: Sydney, Wellington, Singapore
5: US Unit Established To Control Info During Crisis
John Howard reports that President Clinton has signed yet another Executive Order establishing a State Department unit that will control the flow of US government news overseas, especially during crisis.
6: New Chief Executive Appointed For Telecom
The new Telecom Chief Executive Officer will be Theresa Gattung, currently the Group General Manager Services.
7: Wellington Central - Who Should Face Prebble?
Scoop's Jonathan Hill looks at the issue of who should run against Richard Prebble in the crucial seat of Wellington Central - Labour's Marian Hobbs or the Alliance's Phillida Bunkle. For whoever is left standing, the stakes are high.
8: IHUG Brothers Cowboys In Workplace - SFWU
"Recent positive publicity surrounding Tim and Nick Wood's wealth and dominance as successful business entrepreneurs due to the success of their internet company IHUG failed to dig deeper into the 'cowboy culture' of their workplace", said Darien Fenton, ...
9: National Can't Deal With The Real Issues
Indications that the government will next week announce scholarships for postgraduate students of science and technology has been met with anger by students.
10: Internal Affairs Bites Back At NBR
The Department of Internal Affairs has hit back at the National Business Review over a "mischevious piece of writing" concerning some restructuring within the Department.
11: FPA Slams Capill Over Abortion Booklet
Christian Heritage Party Leader Graham Capill is clearly electioneering in trying to drum up a conflict between FPA and the Government says FPA Executive Director Dr Gillian Greer.
12: Family Planning Against Informed Consent
Investigations by the Christian Heritage Party have revealed a serious divergence of opinion between the government and one of its main sexual and reproductive health providers, the New Zealand Family Planning Association, over the distribution of ...
13: Fact Sheet On Student Loan Scheme With Amendments
The Prime Minister's talk of changes to the student loan scheme today surprised a few people. Here is a fact sheet on the loan scheme - from the PMs office - which also documents the changes that were decided upon in December 1998.
14: National Radio Midday Bulletin
Petrol - Watson - Cock Pits - Doctors - Doctors - Blood Samples - US Shooting - Liberian Hostages - Mussel Farming - Explosion - ANSETT - Alcoholism - Tongue Studs - Triple Homicide - Nurses
15: Shipley Speech - Good Policy Good Government
It sometimes seems much longer, but tomorrow marks a year since the fateful Cabinet meeting that sparked the end of the Coalition and the beginning of Minority Government.
16: Background From King Salmon On Engineered Fish
The company operates a very small-scale research project into growth-enhanced salmon using genetic manipulation techniques.
17: Scoop Ratings - Yesterday's Top 20
Yesterday's Top 20 rating items on Scoop were…
18: Government Monitoring Rising Petrol Prices
The Government, through the Ministry of Commerce, is keeping a close eye on petrol price movements and will continue to do so, Enterprise and Commerce Minister Max Bradford said today.
19: AUS: Effects Of Rabbit Calicivirus Disease
Five new reports provide the first comprehensive assessment of the effects of the rabbit calicivirus disease (RCD) since its release in Australia in 1996
20: Weather Workshop: 5 day forecast for NZ
The long range forecast from Weather Workshop for all of New Zealand to midnight Tuesday:
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