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Published: Thu 12 Aug 1999 04:38 PM
Today’s top 20 rating items on Scoop were…
1: Wellington Central - Who Should Face Prebble?
Scoop's Jonathan Hill looks at the issue of who should run against Richard Prebble in the crucial seat of Wellington Central - Labour's Marian Hobbs or the Alliance's Phillida Bunkle. For whoever is left standing, the stakes are high.
2: IHUG Brothers Cowboys In Workplace - SFWU
“Recent positive publicity surrounding Tim and Nick Wood’s wealth and dominance as successful business entrepreneurs due to the success of their internet company IHUG failed to dig deeper into the ‘cowboy culture’ of their workplace”, said Darien Fenton, ...
3: Rankin spends $25,000 on self-promotional videos
The Alliance has revealed that the CEO of WINZ has spent $25,000 making videos of herself at the taxpayers expense.
4: Student Loan Scheme Is Not Causing A "Brain Drain'
The Student Loan Scheme is not forcing students overseas and causing a "brain drain", Minister for Tertiary Education Max Bradford says.
5: Treasury Papers Show Need For Controls On Spending
Treasurer Bill English said today papers from Treasury showed that the Government needed to keep a careful control over new spending.
6: Defence Budget Trimmed After Expensive Seminar
Defence Minister Max Bradford announced today that the Chief of Defence Force, Air Marshal Carey Adamson, had advised him with regret that 60 Defence Force staff attended a Masters of Business seminar in Auckland on May 22nd at a total cost of $39,447.
7: New Chief Executive Appointed For Telecom
The new Telecom Chief Executive Officer will be Theresa Gattung, currently the Group General Manager Services.
8: NZ Green MP And Monsanto Face-To-Face On Aus. TV
The genetic engineering issue is about to take off in Australia tomorrow, with New Zealand Green Party MP Jeanette Fitzsimons face-to-face with Monsanto's Brian Arnst in a one hour live television broadcast.
9: National Radio Midday Bulletin
Seminar - Burglary Crack Down - Petrol Hike - Concert - Tornado - India/Pakistan - Alliance Restructuring - Salmon Trade - Watson - Waipareira - Books For Kids
10: No Welfare Payments To Rock Stars - Libertarianz
Libertarianz Deputy Leader Richard McGrath today attacked government plans to underwrite a musical concert in Gisborne.
11: Military Spend-Up Revealed Under Green Pressure
Max Bradford provided information on the military spending $40,000 on a business conference only because he was forced to release the information, said Green Co-leader Rod Donald.
12: Sharemarket Discussion Group Launched On The Web
ShareChat, the first dedicated web-based discussion group for sharemarket investors in New Zealand has been launched. With its web address,, ShareChat provides a one-stop financial information source for New Zealanders interested ...
13: TV1/Colmar Brunton Poll
The latest poll shows Labour down four points to 40, National steady on 38, the Alliance up one to seven points, Act up two to seven and New Zealand First up two to four percent.
14: Telecommunications Red Tape Removed - Williamson
Growing competition in the international telecommunications market has led the Government to reduce red tape on companies offering international telephone services in New Zealand, Communications Minister Maurice Williamson announced today.
15: Eclipse On The Net
The sun's last total eclipse of the century will be visible (weather willing) by around two billion people in Europe and the Middle East, but the audience world-wide will be multiplied by a plethora of web-cams.
16: Viagra Pathetic Token Hand-Out
New Zealand First Defence Spokesperson for Veterans Affairs, Ron Mark, says the government’s talk of giving New Zealand war veterans discounted Viagra is demeaning and does nothing to address their major concerns.
17: Scoop Ratings - Today's Top 20
Today's top 20 rating items on Scoop
18: Telecom Has Property Rights Too!
"The destruction of private property rights in New Zealand continues with frightening speed under this National Socialist government," claimed Libertarianz Finance Spokesman Julian Darby today.
19: Let Maori Have Quota - Prebble
The Waitangi Fisheries dispute is in the courts because Parliament failed to say in the legislation who should benefit, says ACT Leader Richard Prebble.
20: AUS: ANZFA On Meat Pie Standards
Your Chance To Have A Say About Meat Pies (And Sausage Rolls And Dim Sims) - Anzfa Releases The Draft Meat Standard
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