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Published: Tue 10 Aug 1999 03:33 PM
Today's top 20 rating items on the Scoop site are...
1: INCIS Soap Opera Looks Destined To Head To Court
The INCIS soap opera's latest twist yesterday was an unexpected one with IBM calling it a day. Now all parties are crying havoc and have let slip the dogs of legal action.
2: Small Parties Benefit From Poor Govt. Polling
The latest Herald Digipoll published today shows more worries for the government and a swing towards smaller parties rather than the big two.
A spokesman for IBM Asia Pacific talking to media out of Tokyo has announced that IBM is going to cease development of the delay plagued INCIS, $130 million plus, police computer project.
4: Changes Good For Consumers - Bradford
Changes announced today to the Commerce Act will be good for consumers, says Enterprise Minister Max Bradford. In this package of releases and question and answer papers, Bradford gives a full run-down of the changes, why they were made and what they are ...
5: English: Speech to Canterbury Manufacturers' Assoc
Hon Bill English Treasurer MP for Clutha-Southland Speech to Canterbury Manufacturers' Association, Christchurch, 5.30pm 9 August 1999
6: WINZ in top ten tv ad spenders
Labour is demanding to know why Work and Income NZ is in the top rank of corporate spenders on television advertising when it is a public service organisation with no competitors.
7: Arrogance No Reason To Delay Transmission Gully
The short-sighted and arrogant statements of Transport Minister Maurice Williamson will come back to haunt him says United New Zealand leader and Ohariu-Belmont MP Peter Dunne.
8: Scoop Ratings - Yesterday's Top 20
The top 20 rating items on Scoop yesterday were...
9: Butterfly 'Risk' is Pseudo-Science
"Once again we find Jeanette Fitzsimons quoting hysterical pseudo-science to push for restrictions on businesses and their scientific research," says the Libertarianz Spokesman for Environment Deregulation today.
10: United Wants Expert Inquiry On Government IT
United New Zealand leader, Hon Peter Dunne, is calling for an independent expert inquiry into government IT programmes in the light of the INCIS debacle.
11: Government's APEC PR Strategy In Tatters
The Government's public relations strategy regarding APEC is in tatters following two significant developments over last weekend according to Trade Union Federation President, Maxine Gay.
12: Hawkins demands full inquiry into Incis
Labour police spokesperson George Hawkins said today that a full Commission of Inquiry was required to investigate the Incis police computer system following IBM's withdrawal from the project.
13: Incis - Government's Great White Elephant - ACT
IBM's dumping of the Incis computer system has today left taxpayers with a $130 million white elephant.
14: Howard's Australian Republic
A Sydney Morning Herald/Nielson poll (1), taken late last week, indicated less than a third of the electorate supported PM Howard's proposed referendum question for an Australian republic. But over two thirds supported the so-called Mack direct election ...
15: Big Bang Machine Could Destroy Earth
John Howard reports on a breaking news story that new experiments in the US could destroy the Earth.
16: National Radio Midday Bulletin
Incis - GE Maize - GE Protest - Health - Paremoremo Escape - Triple Homicide - Gisborne Concert - Ansett Strike - New Russian PM - Watson Trial - Ski Fields
17: Salmon ban another blow to free trade myth
The myth of free trade has suffered another blow following an Australian supermarket's ban on raw New Zealand salmon, Alliance leader Jim Anderton says.
18: Scoop Ratings - Today's Top 20
Today's top rating items on Scoop are...
19: President Travels to New Zealand for APEC Leaders
President Clinton will attend the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders Meeting September 12-13 in Auckland, New Zealand. The annual meeting, hosted this year by Prime Minister Jennifer Shipley, will bring together the leaders of the 21 ...
20: Anti-National Election Campaign Launched By NFA
This morning Native Forest Action campaigners erected a startling billboard, which depicts the sun rising over a tree stump with the words: "New Zealand. First country in the world still logging rainforests in the new millenium."
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