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Published: Fri 6 Aug 1999 04:46 PM
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The top rating items for the week ending August 6 on the Scoop Website were…
1: Balkans Editorial: Teach Your Children Well
Scoop's Alastair Thompson analyses the latest developments in the Kosovo tragedy, and argues peace is not a two way street..
2: Cultural Rethink Required, An Auckland Perspective
Isn't it interesting how when under the spotlight a position of hindsight is quickly assumed. We are talking here of course about the WINZ fiasco.
3: Mark Peck Said the 'M' Word
Despite his reluctance to now admit it, Labour's biotechnology spokesperson Mark Peck said the 'M' word last week. And in doing so he has heralded a major, and rather embarrassing U-turn for Labour's policy on genetic engineering.
4: Christine Talks The Talk As Her Wrist Is Slapped
Is this the end, or just another phase in a deepening WINZ stouch? Scoop's Alastair Thompson prefers the second theory - A Scoop Today Special - News Analysis with links.
5: Labour and Tax
Speech by Labour finance spokesperson Michael Cullen to KPMG Contrary to the hopes of some, the fears of others, and the expectations of many, tax has not emerged as one of the two or three leading issues of the 1999 election. Insofar as it has had ...
6: Transcript: White House On Hillary Clinton I/V
PRESS BRIEFING BY JOE LOCKHART - Q: Does the President have a problem fundamentally with what Mrs. Clinton said about him in her interview in Talk Magazine?
7: The Shifting Sands Of the GE Debate
Scoop Feature: Scoop's Jonathan Hill looks at the changing positions in the leadup to this weeks labelling decision on genetically engineered foods and the challenges of the immediate future
8: Rankin's Thursday Column: Democracy And The Media
A worrying theme is emerging in some recent studies; democracy is much less popular than died-in-the-wool democrats such as myself would wish it to be. Further, democracy seems to be less popular with young than with older New Zealanders
9: Why Republicans Oppose an Australian Republic
A foretaste of things to come in NZ? Simon Orme writes from Sydney on the question of a republic and how the debate is finally heating up.
10: NZers Move To Put MPs On Employment Contracts
1.Media Release 2.Copy of letter sent to MPs (that accompanied M-Pact employment contract) 3.Copy of letter sent to election candidates (that accompanied M-Pact employment contract) 4.Logo (attached logo.tiff).
11: SCP Interactive: Edge Theory: An All Black Plane?
"The 747 I'd like to fly the world in [with the All Blacks]" - Kevin Roberts"
12: Media Hype No Cure For Cancer
The New Zealand distributor of a green-lipped mussel extract being touted as a possible cancer cure has halted distribution after recognising that claims made in promotional material far outstrip any evidence from research and are in breach of the Medicines ...
13: Censor Censured Over R-16 For South Park
"It this is Bill Hastings's image of New Zealand the way he wants it, he can get himself another job. New Zealanders are not interested in promoting the pornographic perversity and incessant obscenities and blasphemies contained, in what must be, ...
14: Scoop Today - Top 20
Scoop's top 20 rating items over the last 36 hours were...
15: Treasury NZ Rail report 'garbage'
A Treasury cost-benefit study on the privatisation of NZ Rail released today is garbage, Alliance leader Jim Anderton says.
16: Scoop Today - Scoop Top 20
Scoop's top 20 rating items yesterday were...
17: Statement on SSC report into Christine Rankin
Social Services, Work and Income Minister Roger Sowry and Associate Minister of Work and Income Peter McCardle said today that they accept the conclusions of the report into the performance of the WINZ CEO Christine Rankin.
18: Office Classifies Keith Haring Artworks
The Office of Film and Literature Classification has classified 18 works by the late American Artist Keith Haring, recently exhibited at the City Art Gallery, Wellington.
19: Statement From Christine Rankin
I have read Mr Wintringham's statement and will naturally be discussing the matters he has raised with the WINZ management team.
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