National Radio Midday Bulletin

Published: Wed 4 Aug 1999 12:16 AM
LYPRINOL: A New Zealand scientist says the mussel extract lyprinol may promote rather than attack cancer cells.
FIRE SERVICE: The latest round of dispute over 23 new paid staff members between the firefighters union and the fire service has been settled out of court.
BENEFICIARIES: Groups representing beneficiaries have expressed no confidence in WINZ following the State Services Commission report into Christine Rankin and the aircraft charter.
GE LABELLING: Food manufacturers say gradual introduction of labelling will save consumers millions of dollars. The grocery industry says it will cost the industry $150 million per year. ANZFA committed to labelling last night. Details and a time line are yet to come.
WATSON: There has been more conflicting evidence about a boat seen on a fishing trip in Queen Charlotte Sound. Some people on the trip say they saw a boat with beautiful rope work, others say they didn’t see it.
TAX: The law society is proposing tax reforms including the onus of establishing a prima facie case moving from tax payers to the IRD.
INDIAN INQUIRY: The Indian government is setting up a commission of inquiry into rail safety as hopes fade of finding more survivors after the massive train smash.
NEW FLYING HOURS: Pilot fatigue has been cited as causes for more and more air crashes and the American government is being lobbied hard to modify the law.
REFUGEES: Hundreds of refugees are fleeing Afghanistan as the Taliban continue their offensive in an attempt to seize the whole country.
HUMAN RIGHTS: Human Rights groups have accused the KLA of human rights abuses including the murder of 14 Kosovo farmers and old women.
OTTER: The escaping otter Clyde from the Wellington zoo has escaped again last week, scaling the fence, and was found in the monkey moat. The zoo is looking at sending the otter to a bigger enclosure in another zoo or to bring Clyde’s brother down from Auckland to hang with him.
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