TV1 6pm News (first segment)

Published: Thu 8 Jul 1999 07:28 PM
1. LAMB - There is outrage on both sides of the Tasman as the champion of free trade, the US, effectively imposes a tax on Australasian lamb. The US is to impose a 9% tariff on lamb quota and farmers are outraged. The US ambassador says NZ is overstating the damage. Government says it will take the US to the WTO. US is only six per cent of our total lamb market, but it was going. Australian reaction was swift and strong. PM says it makes no sense and farmers call it Black Thursday.
2 WATSON TRIAL - The jury in the Scott Watson trial heard that Olivia Hope and Ben Smart had to tale their way on to the water taxi that the Crown says took them to their deaths. The court also heard from Ben Smart's sister about him and the last hours she saw him.
3. ELLIS CASE - The second appeal by Peter Ellis to the Court of Appeal over his convictions for sexually molesting children has wound up. The Crown says there was no new evidence, the judges say they will take some time to think it over.
4. HOLLOWAY - A new development in the Liam Williams-Holloway case. His parents are having his condition monitored at Dunedin Hospital, the place they once fled to seek alternative treatments.
5. METEORITE - Scientists are calling for a rock hunt for a meteorite that exploded over the North Island yesterday and of which parts may have made it to earth.
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