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Published: Fri 25 Jun 1999 06:24 PM
1. ACC ATTACKS: A plate glass window has been smashed in another attack on an ACC office. Murder victim Janet Pike pictured celebrating two weeks before the fatal stabbing at an ACC office in Henderson yesterday. Court appearance for accused. Remand in custody made for a psychiatric assessment. The accused may have bought the knife at the Warehouse next door. An audit of security of Government offices has been asked for. WINZ says that from October to February police were called 65 times for offensive behaviour and another 21 times for other forms of disgruntled behaviour from clients.
2. HAWKESBY ROW: Senior cabinet members defend the PM following yesterday's stouch over the Hawkesby comments. Linda Clark pictured making the comments which so upset. Bill Birch says he has never seen an off-the-record comment used in this way before. Maurice Williamson ditto says he wouldn't be able to survive if he was treated this way. Birch, "This is actually disgusting". Labour nevertheless is going to try to make the PM pay. Helen Clark says a breach of privilege complaint has been laid.
3. ROPATI FINE:Otago Highlander star Romi Ropati fined $2000 for assaulting a student following the Super 12 final in which the Highlanders lost. Ropati apologised for the assault. The victim whose jaw was broken denied calling Ropati a loser. Ropati has admitted having an anger management problem.
4. SCOTT WATSON TRIAL: Second week of Scott Watson Trial comes to an end early on Friday. 150 boatowners to give evidence. So far 100 have already been cross-examined. All witnesses today have given similar evidence. None saw the mystery ketch. There have been some lighter moments.
5. POLICE: Report on the police shooting of a drug crazed gunman in Christchurch says the Gloch pistols used by police were poorly used. Most of the 20 shots fired at the gunman missed. New firearms officer appointed in Christchurch.
6. MILOSEVIC: The State Department has posted a bounty of $9 million to bring Yugoslavian President Slobodan Milosevic to trial
7. KOSOVO: Kosovo has been deemed safe enough for Nato leaders to visit. Nato spokesman Jamie Shea given a hero's welcome.
8. REFUGEES: Auckland's Kosovar refugees say they want to return to Kosovo but not till it is safe. 80-year-old refugee at the Wairea Hot Pools in Auckland. Kosovo children liked the water slides. Refugees say they have bad memories but for the moment they can celebrate.
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