TV1 6pm News

Published: Mon 21 Jun 1999 07:32 PM
1. SOLOMON ISLANDS - The first pictures of unrest in the Solomon Islands. A version of ethnic cleansing on our back door step. There have been several deaths and thousands of refugees. Former Fijian PM Rabuka is on the island trying to talk peace, the NZ Government says it will wait and see what he turns up as a first step.
2. APEC - The momentum is building for the APEC forum in Auckland later this year.APEC women's conference under way in Wellington and advertising campaign to raise awareness of APEC. Of one thousand polled, fifty per cent did not know what APEC stood of those who guessed at what APEC stood for only 4 per cent got it right. There were protests outside the women's conference, but most inside were supportive. Jenny Shipley says free trade is good for women, other disagree. Of those polled 43% said APEC would be good for NZ, 39% not good.
4. KOSOVO - The Kosovo war is officially over with Nato declaring the official end of the air campaign. As Serbs leave, Albanians loot what is left. In one incident Nato forces stood and watched as Albanians torched Serb houses.
5. ROYAL WEDDING - Royal watchers are lining up to see wax models of the new royal couple and in particular her wedding dress.
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