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Published: Mon 21 Jun 1999 06:21 PM
1. POLL SHOCK: Political poll delivers powerful blow to government. CM Research Poll of 1000 voters. Jane Young live - the Cabinet reshuffle announced today was predictable.
Poll of 1000 voters shows a significant swing to Labour on 46% up 5 points since last poll. National is on 33% down 4 points . Alliance on 7%. NZ First and ACT on 4%.
In the house Shipley's government would be blown away on the face of the latest numbers. Helen Clark says she remains optimistic following the poll.
Clark also takes lead in preferred PM stakes. Clark on 22% up 3 points. Shipley on 19% down 3 points. Anderton on 6% down 2 points. Jane Young: - PM must be hoping the worst is over. Clark believes National is showing signs of panic.
Several questions on leadership - head to head.
Is she a capable leader Shipley 59% down 2, Clark 62% up 8.
Is she good in a crisis Shipley 48%, Clark 56%
Is she understanding economic situation Shipley 48%, Clark 68%
Jane Young Live: There is growing concern on National's back benches. I expect she [Shipley] will hang on to the election. Labour has a history of panicking around here. Labour is going to sit back and wait to win the election.
2. LICENSES: Government is expected to do a U-Turn on professional license fees. Cab drivers were facing $400 license renewal fees - up from $60. The regulations review committee has told the government the price hike is not good enough - TV3 understands.
3. KOSOVO: KLA agrees to disarm as Serbian forces have finally left Kosovo. But fires of hatred in Kosovo are still burning. Serbian civilian's houses are being burnt in revenge by angry Kosovars. Civilian Serbs say they do not feel safe. Serbian civilians anxiously await the arrival of Russian troops.
4. KOSOVO: NATO appears unable to stop Serbian villages being looted by Kosovars . Village only 10 miles away from NATO headquarters looted in full view of cameras. Nearby NATO troops told not to intervene. French soldiers make way for looters to escape with their loot.
5. KOSOVO: US-Russian rift healed at G8 summit. President Yeltsin meets with President Clinton/ Yeltsin decidedly physical in the meeting bear hugs and arm wrestling. Yeltsin says he is "back among friends" encouraging observers.
6. TODDLER FIRE: Candle sets a four-year-olds bedroom alight in Auckland. Officer treated for cuts to hand. Fire Service officer points out lethal combination of children and fire. Family will be moved to another Housing NZ house.
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