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Published: Wed 16 Jun 1999 07:33 PM
1. IRD - Shock news about the way IRD treats customers, but this time they come from inside the IRD. One worker boasted how he drove people to suicide. The claims were made in Parliament by Rodney Hide. Mr Hide says the IRD bosses knew about it, but did nothing. One customer says she was told by an IRD staff member that they could make her life hell and she would prefer suicide. Bill English replies that because an allegation has been made doesn't mean it is credible and that similar claims had not stood up to scrutiny.
2. NZQA - Three separate inquiries are now underway into the resignation of the head of the NZQA and his spending before hand and payments afterwards. The allegations were raised in Parliament. They are the latest in a series of controversial pay-outs to senior civil servants.
3. KOSOVO - Nato says the first phase of securing Kosovo has been completed with all Serb troops out of the initial zone. Other Kosovo stories:
Serbs scuffle in streets with Albanians as they flee the province.
Orthodox church calls on Milosevic to stand down.
More evidence of Serb atrocities with discoveries of mass killings and graves.
4. WATSON TRIAL - The third day of the Scott Watson trial. Reporter says that today the court heard more about setting the scene of the night the Blenheim couple disappeared and about Watson and his behaviour that night.
5. CASS MEI - Escaped Prisoner Cass Mei had another five years added to his sentence today. Court told of his time on the run including being given a lift by prison guards, having a one man crime wave and his escaping from custody after being recaptured.
6. POPULAR SWEET - "Fabulicious Fizz Rolls" are proving popular and selling out everywhere.
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