TV1 6pm News

Published: Mon 14 Jun 1999 06:52 PM
1. The crown has opened the case against Scott Watson who is charged
with the murder of Olivia Hope and Ben Samrt. The Crown says he had
the motive, the opportunity and his actions afterwards show he had
something to hide. They also point to the discovery of hairs on his
boat which they say belong to Olivia Hope.
2. Reporter at the trial says the court room is packed with media, family
and the accused. Mr Watson appeared emotionless.
3. The first signs of Serb opposition to Nato's opposition of osovo
appeared today. German troops killed two people after an exchange of
fire and British troops killed another. Mostly nato troops were
welcomed warmly by. The stand off between Nato and Russian troops at
the airport in Pristina continued today, leading to high level talks.
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