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Published: Fri 5 Nov 2004 09:24 AM
Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...
1: Diebold Memos Disclose Florida 2000 E-Voting Fraud
Something very strange happened in Volusia County on election night November 2000, the night that first Gore won Florida, then Bush, and then as everybody can so well remember there was a tie.
2: How George Bush Won the 2004 Presidential Election
Purging voter lists is just the beginning: the U.S. has embraced a form of electronic voting that is unreliable, unverifiable and funded by the radical Christian right.
3: Inside A U.S. Election Vote Counting Program
Publication of this story marks a watershed in American political history. It is offered freely for publication in full or part on any and all internet forums, blogs and noticeboards. All other media are also encouraged to utilise material. Readers ...
4: NEWSFLASH: Dirty Tricks In Ohio & More
5: Why Not Just Genetically Engineer Women For Milk?
MAdGE (Mothers Against Genetic Engineering in Food and the Environment) today launched a highly controversial billboard campaign in Auckland and Wellington to provoke public debate about the social and cultural ethics of genetic engineering in New Zealand.
6: Faun Otter: Vote Fraud - Exit Polls Vs Actuals
Within parts of the U.S. progressive community there is already widespread concern that electronic voting fraud may provide an explanation for the astonishing 8 million vote gain made by George W. Bush in the 2004 presidential U.S. election.
7: Sludge Report #154 – Bigger Than Watergate!
In This Edition: Bigger Than Watergate! - How To Rig An Election In The United States - Fantasy vs Reality - How We Discovered The Backdoor - Evidence Of Motive - Evidence Of Opportunity - Evidence Of Method - Evidence Of Prior Conduct - Consistent Unexplained ...
8: Opinion: The 2004 Election Has Already Been Rigged
The Neocons have determined that elections can be manipulated easily with the new touch screen voting systems and when accompanied by a media pounding of lies, the public will accept the rigged election results as fact.
9: Bald-Faced Lies About Black Box Voting Machines
Diebold voting machines are used in 37 states. The entire state of Ohio is considering dumping its old system to buy Diebold. Georgia already did. The Diebold files, supposedly secret voting machine files left on an unprotected web site for nearly six years ...
10: Questions & Answers for Oral Answer - 3 Nov. 2004
1. Tertiary Education—Quality 2. Member for Tamaki Makaurau—Assurances 3. Working for Families Package—Budget 4. Member for Tamaki Makaurau—Decision Making 5. Fuel Efficiency—Government Initiatives 6. Member for Tamaki Makaurau—Ministerial Duties ...
11: Photo-Essay 2: Tell Us Is This Liberation?
GRAPHIC IMAGES MAY DISTURB: The purpose of information sharing is to empower individuals to make informed choices. If publishing these images causes those, who would support more killing to consider their decisions, then publishing is justified.
12: Annan Congratulates Bush On Re-Election
Secretary-General Kofi Annan today congratulated President Bush on his re-election, and pledged his commitment to working with the US leader on the whole range of issues facing the United Nations and the world.
13: U.S. Election Integrity Flaw Discovered At Diebold
Recently, technicians and programmers for Diebold Election Systems, the company that supplied every single voting machine for the surprising 2002 results in the state of Georgia, the company that is preparing to convert the state of Maryland to its ...
14: Eminem Was Right About The Buckeye State ''Mosh''
In one of the most phenomenal voter turnouts in American history, voters in the predominantly Democratic wards in the city of Columbus, Ohio dug in for the long wait to vote against Bush. When the polls closed at 7:30pm in the inner-city 55th ward, the four polling ...
15: BSNewswire: Diebold To Patent "+1" Operation
NEW YORK, Nov. 3 /BSNewswire/ -- Diebold, ChoicePoint and Sproul - in a new partnership between government and business involving unprecedented interagency cooperation between the RNC/PNAC, the Patent Office, the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland ...
16: Voting Machines Blasted by Scientists
What follows is a set of discoveries, the result of the first-ever public examination of a secret, proprietary computer program used to count votes in 37 states. A hundred dollar item allows anyone to stuff the ballot box; remote access was left unprotected, ...
17: NEWSFLASH: AP Reports Kerry Has Conceded
According to Associated Press reports Democrat Presidential candidate John Kerry called President George Bush at 11am this morning EST (5am NZT) to concede defeat in the presidential election.
18: Nov 3: National Day Of Direct Action And Protest
As a nation deeply divided on the war in Iraq heads to the polls today, anti-war and pro-democracy organizers in cities across the country are making preparations for demonstrations on Nov. 3, the day after the election.
19: Public Address 04/11/04 - Get Yer Evangelicals Out
Clearly, Karl Rove got his four million evangelical Christians. That is the number reckoned to have stayed away from the polls in 2000, and, by coincidence, almost exactly Bush's margin in the popular vote in 2004...
20: Am Johal: Republican America! Republican Forever!
I want a ride on the Elephant. You are now Republican through and through. You are ‘God’s Country.’ In the Senate, in the House and in the Presidential offices. Your new Supreme Court nominees can overturn Roe v. Wade.
21: John Kerry Concession Address at Fanueil Hall
Address to Supporters at Fanueil Hall Remarks as Delivered by John Kerry For Immediate Release
22: Chuckman Cartoon: Response To US Election Result
Cartoon by John Chuckman
23: Questions for Oral Answer - Thursday, 4 November
1. Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS to the Prime Minister: Does she have confidence in her Minister of Immigration; if so, why?
24: Stateside With Rosalea: An Election Aside
I know I can be churlish and critical and downright negative about these united States, but I will admit that today, 2 November 2004, the immigrant dream came true for me here. Those San Francisco streets I walked more than two years ago, going door to ...
25: New Zealand Flag to be flown at half-mast
The Queen’s aunt, Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester, has died. She died peacefully in her sleep on Friday 29th October, at Kensington Palace, London. Princess Alice was just two months short of her 103rd birthday.
26: Noam Chomsky Offers Views Iraq War and Election
Noam Chomsky Offers Views on Motivation for Iraq War and the Choices Before Voters on Election Day - Interview with Noam Chomsky, MIT professor of linguistics, author and political activist, conducted by Scott Harris
27: Images: Departing LOTR Stars Meet Their Planes
The Lord of the Ring's stars come face to face with themselves on the side of Air NZ planes as they bid New Zealand goodbye at Wellington Airport before boarding the Air New Zealand 767 emblazoned with giant images of the characters Aragorn and Arwen.
28: Outrage over Colombia’s trade unionist expulsion
Colombian President Uribe lied to union delegation: International unionists took part in a meeting with Uribe, where the President assured the delegation of his government's full commitment to trade union rights, and thanked them for their interest in the ...
29: UQ Wire: Connecting The Dots Bush..Bath..Bin Laden
Saudi Sheikh Khalid bin Mahfouz, an Osama bin Laden benefactor, has laundered money into tax-exempt U.S. entities for years as a foreign financier of terrorism. But a new 9/11 lawsuit is thrusting Mahfouz’s latent past business links to George W. ...
30: Diebold Confirms U.S. Vote Count Vulnerabilities
Scoop has obtained internal mail messages from Diebold Election Systems which clearly and explicitly confirm security problems in the GEMS vote counting software that were highlighted in reports published on and widely elsewhere in July.
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