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Published: Tue 29 Oct 2002 09:18 AM
The weekend’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...
1: Scoop Images: Auckland Protest Against Iraq War
Today's Auckland protest against war in Iraq. Photos courtesy of Indymedia Aotearoa . Good turn-out, good vibe, great messages...
2: UQ Wire: Harken Energy Chronology
PLEASE NOTE: This is a work in progress and will be updated periodically. Check back at for the latest version. The last version was published on 27 August 2002
3: Moscow: A New Stronger Group Of Terrorists Is Born
Wednesday night 23 October 2002, at least 40 Chechen rebels stormed a crowded Moscow theatre in the midst of a musical, taking at least 700 people hostage.
4: UQ Wire: Investment Espionage And The White House
There is growing evidence that the FBI and other government intelligence entities are more closely linked to the documented accumulation of pre-9/11 insider trading profits than was originally thought.
5: Senator Wellstone, Minnesota, Dies In Plane Crash
Senator Paul Wellstone, his wife, and his two daughters were killed today in a plane crash in northern Minnesota. The plane was a two-engine turboprop; five other people were on board and also killed.
6: Editorial: Bush, Betrayal, & The War For Our Lives
When George W. Bush uses the war on terrorism to achieve personal, financial, and electoral goals, he isn't just playing politics; he's playing with our lives.
7: Background: US Politicians Killed In Plane Crashes
[From the ' Political Graveyard ,' which also has links to details on each of the cases as well as others going back to World War I]
8: Anti-War Protest This Saturday - QE2 at Noon
Saturday 26th October is another day of international action to oppose American plans to attack Iraq. Big gatherings are planned in many centres around the world - including Washington - and here in New Zealand marches are planned in several centres. The ...
9: Scoop Images: Washington D.C. Iraq War Protest
There is considerable disagreement on the numbers who attended a Washington D.C. rally against the war today. Radio New Zealand says 10,000, organisers say 100,000. See... Washington D.C. Indymedia for extensive coverage.
10: UQ Wire: 911 - They Let It Happen On Purpose!
Imagine you wake up from a coma and you learn that 11 months ago, an "Attack on America" destroyed some significant buildings, killed 3,000 people and forced a war against terrorism. You switch on the news and see pictures of Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, ...
11: Jason Leopold – Shafted By The New York Times
Editor's Note: This is a story about a story. A great story. A scoop that ought to see a member of George Bush's cabinet at least indicted, if not behind bars. But that is not what has happened. This is a scoop, that for reasons unknown to its author, ...
12: Howard's End: Media Mobilising Against ACC
With the latest scrutiny by The Press in Christchurch of the $3.8 billion ACC has invested, don't you just love it when the journalists from all sections of the media finally come together to expose the injustices being perpetrated by ACC and its subsidiary ...
13: Scoop Images: Capital Protest Against Iraq
New Zealand protests in Auckland Wellington and Christchurch today kicked off 24 hours of action around the world against the designs for war on Iraq. In Wellington around 80-100 protestors set out from the waterfront at noon and headed for Parliament ...
14: US Armed Saddam Hussein With Chemical Weapons
On August 18, the New York Times carried a front-page story headlined, ``Officers say U.S. aided Iraq despite the use of gas''. Quoting anonymous US ``senior military officers'', the NYT ``revealed'' that in the 1980s, the administration of US President ...
15: Naked In Nuhaka: Bay Day
This is Naked in Nuhaka, a weekly rant on identity in NZ in the 21st Century. Today is HB Anniversary Day, so I'm taking a "Bay Day" and not writing a "full-on" column this week. Instead, here's something on a quite different tangent to keep ...
16: Scoop Report: Washington Snipers Suspects Held
The hunt for the Washington Sniper may be over after two men have been held on firearms charges. Further charges expected. Here, Scoop links to breaking stories...
17: Scoop Images: San Francisco Protest Against War
A similar debate to that raging in Washington D.C. is underway over attendance at San Francisco's West Coast mobilisation. Estimates of the number of protestors attending range from 20,000 to 100,000 with reuters quoting police estimates of 42,000. For ...
18: Bush and Bushmaster: Buzzflash News Analysis
It may come off to some Americans as a horribly tragic and tasteless pun that the assault weapon allegedly used by the assumed sniper in the Metro D.C. area was manufactured by a firearms firm called Bushmaster.
19: Rumsfeld Interview with CNN International
Verjee: Welcome to Q Today we focus on the challenges facing the man at the helm of the United States military. Jim Clancy's in Washington at the Pentagon with US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Let's go there now.
20: The 911 Evidence that May Hang George W. Bush
The Case Against G.W. Bush: a Preliminary "Hearing" in the Court of Common Sense
21: Why U.N. inspectors left Iraq - then and now
What a Difference Four Years Makes: Why U.N. inspectors left Iraq - then and now
22: Ethnic Cleansing closer than Bali
The Kuta Beach (Bali) bombings are supposed to be of special concern to New Zealanders because they bring terrorism to our back yard (or at least to within 6,500 km of us). Yet arguably the most disturbing ethnic-cum-sectarian conflict of the last three ...
23: Bush-Nazi Connections: Beware The Cornered Rat
In the period of national mourning following the September 11 attacks, public suggestion of U.S. government negligence or complicity in the attacks would have been an apostasy to most Americans. The blind trust and faith in the American “leadership” was such ...
24: Poll Watch: TV1 And TV3 Final Election 2002 Polls
TV1’s Colmar Brunton Poll and TV3’s NFO Poll have recorded remarkably similar results on the night before the final day of the election campaign. Today will not be recorded among National Party Leader Bill English's finest moments.
25: Media coverage of 2002 general election analysed
The ways in which voter participation in the 2002 New Zealand general election was influenced by media coverage will be examined in a new international study led by political scientists at The University of Auckland.
26: Social Democracy: What it really means for NZ
The latest workplace stoppage statistics show that strike actions have increased six-fold over the last twelve months. In the year ended June, 24,000 workers were involved in strike action, causing a loss of 58,000 days and $7 million in wages, ...
27: Alleged: The Eyes Behind The Scope
Alleged: The Face of the Washington Sniper
28: Senator Paul Wellstone - 1944-2002
The loss of Senator Paul Wellstone is devastating to the United States, but more so for us aging baby boomers who remember 1960s liberalism when it was still bright and fresh and idealistic. Paul Wellstone fought the good fight for civil rights, ...
29: Planning to keep our workers
New Zealand needs to plan now to keep our young workers in New Zealand because serious labour shortages are ahead, Industry and Regional Development Minister Jim Anderton told Wanganui-Rangitikei-Ruapehu Councils and iwi leaders today.
30: Day of Shame for King
The Minister of Health must accept some responsibility for the risk to critically-ill patients who will be flown out of Auckland from tonight because of strike action by hospital radiographers, ACT Health Spokesman Heather Roy said.
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