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Published: Mon 29 Oct 2001 08:22 AM
The weekend's top 29 rating items on Scoop were...
2: Former Green Beret Tells Pravda Bush Is Lying
I'm a retired Special Forces Master Sergeant. That doesn't cut much for those who will only accept the opinions of former officers on military matters, since we enlisted swine are assumed to be incapable of grasping the nuances of doctrine.
3: Japanese Adopt New Zealand Lambs - Cyber Style
Up to 100 lambs from the Buller district in New Zealand are set to become cybercitizens complete with personal domain names and web sites as Japanese school children go on-line to adopt their own New Zealand pet lambs over the Internet.
4: HARD NEWS 26/10/01 - I'll have the Fudge, Please
GOOD DAY MEDIAPHILES ... of this year's procession of lose-lose scenarios for the government, the obligation to make the call on whether to follow the Royal Commission' recommendation for tightly-controlled field trials of GE crops must be the trickiest.
5: New Auckland Deputy Mayor appointed
Auckland City’s newly elected administration voted in Cr. David Hay as its Deputy Mayor at today’s inaugural council meeting.
6: Big News: Passing The Buck Oz Style
Well, Australia has decided to take in 40 asylum seekers, and Fiji could host up to 1000. That’s according to Government ministers from both countries. It appears that Australia is quite happy to fund the setting up and maintenance of a facility ...
7: Symantec 2002, Windows XP Compatible Security
Symantec Makes Internet Security Protection a Breeze with its 2002, Windows XP Compatible, Versions of World’s Most Trusted Security Products
8: Experimental film on eight screens among grants
Eight different scenes of the same story, played simultaneously on eight screens and redefining an otherwise straightforward narrative, is one of the most experimental projects offered grants in the latest funding round of the Screen Innovation Production ...
9: Michael Rowbotham: Written In Belief
In this short book, I argue that there is strong evidence that the events of 11th September represent a terrorism of a kind not currently being discussed, and include the involvement of agents and agencies not publicly imagined as being associated ...
10: Marsden Students Design ISNZ Website
The new website designed by four students from Samuel Marsden Collegiate School for Independent Schools of New Zealand (ISNZ) was launched at a function at St Mark's Church School today.
11: Listing re Jim Anderton
We have received an email message from Sam Fisher (Office of Hon Jim Anderton) and have also been telephoned by John Pagani (Press Officer) with respect to the following listing in the Peace vigils, rallies and meetings listings we circulated this morning.
12: GE Free Dunedin Petition Attracts Nearly 3000 Sigs
Today Dunedin mayor Sukhi Turner will accept a petition calling for the greater Dunedin region to be declared a GE free zone. Her worship will accept the petition at 12.30 pm today on the steps of the Dunedin Council Chambers in the Octagon. To ...
13: New Write - Newsletter Of Young Nationals
14: Guest Opinion: Let's Be World Leaders
"Did an iceberg sink the Titanic or unfounded technological optimism, over-confidence and pride?" ­ Key Lessons from the History of Science and Technology, Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment 2001.
15: Scoop: Top Scoops + Just Politics
Hard News Is Here! - Guest Column: Radical Tax Ideas Ignored - PMA Withdraw “Pro-war” Jim Anderton Listing - Tegal Say Their Chooks Pass Random Drug Tests - Survey Shows Mustache, Trustworthiness Link - Young And Write-shuss - Guest Opinion: A GE Free ...
16: NZ SAS troops deployed on Diego Garcia - BBC
At 0520hrs this morning [24.10.01] the BBC World Service (rebroadcast on TV One) carried a report about two x 650 men detachments of British troops on exercises in the east Arabian peninsula nation of OMAN.
17: Mobilise Against Imperialist Genetic Plunder
The Communist Party is urging the broadest mobilisation against the push by US transnationals to turn Aotearoa into a testing ground for genetic experiments as the Clark regime weighs up options over the next week.
18: From Patriotism to Peace
In the aftermath of the horrific hijackings and suicide attacks in the United States on 11 September 2001 I, like many others tuned into CNN. One comment by an American woman interviewed there has stuck with me as I have tried to make sense of the attack ...
19: Hobbs Welcomes Challenge
Wellington Central MP Marian Hobbs says she will definitely be seeking the Labour Party electorate nomination for next year’s General Election and is confident of being returned to Parliament.
20: Who Do New Zealanders Trust?
Firefighters are now New Zealanders’, most trusted professionals and politicians are the least trusted, according to the second Reader’s Digest survey on most trusted brands, institutions and professions.
21: NZ Council for Educational Research Conference
Thanks for inviting me to speak to you. This audience will be well aware of my commitment to early childhood education – and how this Government’s sees it as a key building block for our education system.
22: Tax Lawyers On Review Panel Feather Own Nest
The Government’s so called fundamental review of the tax system was pretty much a waste of time and money, coming up with only a few suggestions for tinkering with the current regime. This was, I suppose, not too surprising given the panel was stacked ...
23: Research Shows That GE Doesn't Work
Craig Ventner (of CELERA GENOMICS), in charge of one of the two companies mapping the human genome , says that humans have only 30,000 genes, not the 142,000 expected. That means that there are not enough DNA sequences to account for changes or origination ...
24: Sunline Favourite For Third Cox Plate
Champion New Zealand mare Sunline has opened as the favourite on the TAB’s fixed odds book to win her third successive W.S.Cox Plate on October 27th.
25: Sludge Report #114 – The Great Game
If the official story of the World Trade Center attacks reads like a Tom Clancy novel, simple plot, good guys, bad guys and cruise missiles, then this could be the LeCarre version.
26: Robert Mann - GE Letter To Members Of Parliament
Dear Helen, I am proferring my brief advice on what to do about the report of the Royal Commission. Despite what the IBAC tells you, gene-tampering is in some cases dangerous, capable of creating unprecedented hazards some of which can multiply to ...
27: Bush’s war threatens millions with starvation
“I don't know whether they are going to eliminate the terrorists or create them. We are not terrorists, they [are] forcing us to become terrorists”, said Kabul resident Mohammed Nabi, referring to Washington's nightly bombing of his country. “After one ...
28: Scoop Archive: Greens Support Ban On Water!
"The Green Party's support for a ban on water in New Zealand shows how naïve and unscientific the Greens are and illustrates why the Government should ignore their extreme views to ban genetic technologies from New Zealand", says National's ...
29: Malaysia: Human Rights Under Threat
- Malaysia: Concerns for health of government critics detained without trial - Malaysia: Human Rights Under Threat -- the Internal Security Act (ISA) and other restrictive laws
30: Cross-industry group urges slow down on Kyoto
Joint media release from the Greenhouse Policy Coalition, the Forest Industries Council, and Federated Farmers
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