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Published: Tue 23 Oct 2001 08:09 AM
The long weekend's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...
1: New York's One Liberty Plaza Collapses
One Liberty Plaza in World Trade Center complex has collapsed, the fourth building to be destroyed following yesterday's terrorist attacks on the USA.
2: Sludge Report #116 – Shanghaied!
Let the cowards of the world unite. It should be easy enough. They are all in the same place this weekend - Shanghai. And they are all falling over themselves with the same objective - fawning over the United States President.
3: "Pot" plant admired by Select Committee M.P.s
The unexpected appearance of a marijuana seedling brought smiles to M.P.s faces at a hearing on cannabis in Christchurch earlier this week.
4: Keith Rankin: The Australian view of New Zealand
I think that most New Zealanders were genuinely puzzled by the attitudes revealed by Australians - or at least the Australian media - in the wake of the Ansett Airlines insolvency. Some of us even went along with the Australians' scathing criticism of ...
5: HARD NEWS 19/10/01 - Cleaning Up the Streets
GOOD DAY MEDIAPHILES ... oh, the humanity. It may take the city years to recover. The shock, the shame, the horror. Yes, with the support of a thunderous 18.3 per cent of adult Aucklanders, John Banks is the mayor.
6: Scoop Images: Aboard The USS Enterprise
A crewmember readies an F-14A Tomcat for upcoming flight operations in support of Operation Enduring Freedom on the flight deck of the USS Enterprise (CVN 65) on Oct. 7, 2001. Aircraft are being readied for strike missions against al Qaeda terrorist ...
7: Select Committee Business
There were 19 committee meetings. One was in Christchurch and the remainder in the parliamentary complex.
8: SCP HOUSE: Questions Of The Day –18 October
Today's questions of the day concerned: GE Economic Effects – NZ Post Vs Richard Prebble – Unemployment Beneficiaries – Australian Troop Deployments – Unsafe Schoolgirls Convictions – Cloud Nine Immigration Arrangements – ERA Update – Hobbs Views On RCGM ...
9: Lindsay Perigo: After the Bombing, What Next?
Thus far, Bush Jr seems to be doing better than his father in comparable circumstances. He is waging a war not of his choosing with greater resolve & moral self-assurance than the man who balked at finishing the job against Saddam Hussein. He has also ...
10: Questions For Oral Answer - Thursday, 18 October
1. GRANT GILLON to the Minister for Economic Development: What are the economic development effects of potential Government decisions on genetic engineering?
11: Scoop Feedback: Peter’s Friends, Not!
In This Edition: With Friends Like The Libertarianz, Who The Hell Needs The Taleban? - Peter Creswell Still Needs Slapping! - A further reply to Peter Cresswell - Re: Who Kills the Innocents? - Peter, Re: Your Article In Scoop Today
12: Ronald McDonald Faces Numerous Charges
Ronald McDonald will be facing numerous charges on Tuesday, the 16th of October, World Day of Action Against McDonalds. He is set to appear in front of an unbiased and just jury of animal and human rights activists, environmentalists, and anti-capitalists ...
13: 'The mice who roar' - Rod Donald CTU Speech
It is an honour to be invited to address the conference of the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions. I bring you greetings from my co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons and our industrial relations spokesperson Sue Bradford.
14: Trevor Mallard plays footy with the Kingz
Trevor Mallard will meet with the football team Kingz, right before they jet over to Australia looking for their first win of the new season. He will be talking with Kingz’ new coach Mike Petersen - coach of the year for South Melbourne last season. ...
15: Unallocated cases continue to fall
Child, Youth and Family’s focus on reducing its number of unallocated cases is achieving good results and will continue, Social Services and Employment Minister Steve Maharey said today.
16: Sludge Report #7 - Negotiating With A Psycopath
IN THIS EDITION - FIJI COUP SPECIAL: How Do You Negotiate With A Psycopath? - If This Was A Telemovie - We Haven't Yet Got To The Bottom Of Who Is Behind This! - Conclusions
17: Symantec 2002, Windows XP Compatible Security
Symantec Makes Internet Security Protection a Breeze with its 2002, Windows XP Compatible, Versions of World’s Most Trusted Security Products
18: Scoop Archive: Cannabis Should Be Legally Sold In Off-Licences
THE Tories need bold new policy thinking - particularly on social issues - which will change perceptions of the party and appeal to those who shunned us last time. All five candidates agree on that. There is no better issue to start with than reform ...
19: Sunline Favourite For Third Cox Plate
Champion New Zealand mare Sunline has opened as the favourite on the TAB’s fixed odds book to win her third successive W.S.Cox Plate on October 27th.
20: APEC Image: Helen Clark Arrives in Shanghai
Helen Clark (2nd L), Prime Minister of New Zealand, arrives at the Pudong International Airport in Shanghai on Thursday, October 18, 2001.
21: Landmark Techno Maori CD-ROM available now!
The Techno Maori exhibition has moved into another dimension with the release of an innovative CD-ROM, designed as a third 'virtual gallery' alongside the exhibitions at City Gallery Wellington and Pataka Porirua Museum. This is the first time either ...
22: Sludge Report #114 – The Great Game
If the official story of the World Trade Center attacks reads like a Tom Clancy novel, simple plot, good guys, bad guys and cruise missiles, then this could be the LeCarre version.
23: Scoop: Top Scoops + Just Politics
Hard News Is Here! - Perigo On The Bombing Of Afghanistan - Howard’s End: Old Smokey All Purpose Sauce - Greens Say Confidence Support Is Conditional - APEC 2001: Lea Barker: A Song For APEC Leaders To Sing - APEC 2001: APEC Exploits Terror – Aziz ...
24: Kyoto protocol: how not whether
Green Party co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons welcomed the climate change consultation process begun today, but said she was hugely disappointed that the Government was reopening the question of whether New Zealand should ratify the Kyoto protocol.
25: Eyewitness Report: WTC Crashes And Burns On IRC
Another Eyewitness account of what it felt like in New York this morning. This time the account is relayed in the form of an Internet Relay Chat conversation between Jeremy in NZ and Glyn in NYC.
26: Michael Rowbotham: Written In Belief
In this short book, I argue that there is strong evidence that the events of 11th September represent a terrorism of a kind not currently being discussed, and include the involvement of agents and agencies not publicly imagined as being associated ...
27: Big Brother! Hey Sister! – Too Good To Take Off!
Hey Sister! today announced it has signed Big Brother star Jemma Gawned to be the face of its brand. Jemma, too modest to shower without lingerie on the “real-time” television programme, was featured wearing a Hey Sister! Polka Dot lingerie set on ...
28: Image: Ned Kelly By Sydney Nolan
Ned Kelly By Sir Sidney Nolan 1946 Enamel on composition board 90.8 X 121.5cm Gift of Sunday Reed 1977 National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
29: Scoop Oddity #6 : WTC Guy Spotted Everywhere!
Members of the forum have been having fun with the guy pictured in Scoop Oddity #5 : Postcard From The Edge , perhaps the most emailed hoax photo of all time. As can be seen below this guy has been everywhere!
30: APEC 2001 Exploiters of Terrorism - GATT Watchdog
As officials, ministers and Leaders of the 21 APEC member economies meet in Shanghai, GATT Watchdog's Aziz Choudry has accused advocates of free trade and investment of exploiting popular sentiment and war hysteria in the wake of the September 11 attacks...
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