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Published: Fri 5 Oct 2001 08:39 AM
Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...
1: Michael Rowbotham: Written In Belief
In this short book, I argue that there is strong evidence that the events of 11th September represent a terrorism of a kind not currently being discussed, and include the involvement of agents and agencies not publicly imagined as being associated ...
2: WINNERS ANNOUNCED - 2001 NZ Internet Awards
The NZ Internet Awards for 2001 have been awarded and go to the individuals and organisations detailed below. Our congratulations to them and we hope they appreciate having their excellence recognised by the New Zealand public through these awards.
3: Feedback: An Apology For The Previous Apology
Congratulations to Tim Mycock for taking the prize in the "Best Example of War Hysteria" category.
4: Keith Rankin: Capitalist Pragmatism Or Socialism?
In the first seven decades of the 20th century, there was one major force pushing for public ownership and control of the industries that dominate national economies. That force was socialism.
5: Scoop Link: White House Lied About Air Force One
The White House has been caught in a lie about the alleged terrorist threat against Air Force One [U.S. President's official airplane] which it had cited as the reason for President Bush's absence from Washington for most of September 11.
6: Israel: Four New Settlements To Be Created
Four new settlements are about to be created on Sunday, October 7, at various points in the occupied territories. The pirate radio station "Channel 7", which operates illegally but unimpeded from studios at the settlement of Beit El, right ...
7: The lessons of privatisation - Anderton Speech
I’m reminded of the old story about a surgeon, an engineer and an economist discussing which profession has the longest history.
8: Press conference On Air NZ
The Government will hold a press conference in the Beehive Theatrette on Air New Zealand today at 9am.
9: Air NZ recapitalisation package agreed
“The government will invest up to $885 million in two stages to secure the future viability of Air New Zealand,” Finance Minister Michael Cullen announced today.
10: Howard's End: An Invisible Money Network
While government officials in the West scour the records of banks and politicians introduce new laws to halt the flow of money used for terrorist activities, an ancient system of exchange which the West finds impossible to control is still used by hundreds ...
11: Feedback: God Save America
An apology to Michael Kepler and the American people on behalf of many New Zealanders
12: Questions For Oral Answer - Thursday, 4 October
1. Rt Hon JENNY SHIPLEY to the Minister of Finance: What justification was there for turning down Singapore Airlines' offer to put in $650 million to save Air New Zealand while now agreeing to inject $885 million of taxpayers' money into a marginalised ...
13: Free Market Lunacy Comes Full Circle
“The Government’s decision to effectively buy an 83% stake in Air New Zealand is another example of the free market lunacy that Labour started coming full circle and costing the taxpayer a fortune not once, but twice” says New Zealand first Leader, ...
14: Six Questions Posed To Professor Noam Chomsky
(1) There has been an immense movement of troops and extreme use of military rhetoric, up to comments about terminating governments, etc. Yet, to many people there appears to be considerable restraint...what happened?
15: Update: Steven Wallace
On 6 September a private prosecution for murder was brought against Constable Abbot, the police officer who shot Steven Wallace on 30 April 2000, by Steven’s father Jim Wallace.
16: Price of PM's dithering and loose lips sky high
New Zealanders want a strong and successful Air New Zealand - but that has been put at risk by the Government's dithering during the middle of this year. "That dithering starved Air New Zealand of funds, forcing a situation where a huge amount ...
17: The New Write – Young Nationals Newsletter
18: Urgent Question on Suspected Terrorists in NZ Jail
ACT leader Richard Prebble is seeking to ask the Prime Minister an urgent question in Parliament today regarding Australian media reports that two men being held in Paremoremo Prison are believed by police to be commanders in the Taleban militia.
19: Government Briefed by US on Bin Laden Connection
Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Phil Goff confirmed that members of the Government have been briefed by the United States on the evidence which currently exists linking al Qaeda and Bin Laden to the World Trade Centre and Pentagon terrorist attacks.
20: Scoop Images: Protests D.C., San Francisco, Athens
All photos are from where many more pictures can be found...
21: Scoop Update #8: Victory Spurs Scoop To Soldier On
In This Edition: Victory Spurs Scoop To Soldier On… - WE WON! Scoop Scoops NZ Internet Awards – Scoop Editor Alastair Thompson At 7x7 On Monday
22: The campaign billboards go up!
Opposition Leader Jenny Shipley today launched National's 'Demand a Say on MMP' campaign by unveiling a billboard in Wellington with the help of members of the public and other National MPs. The billboard will be appearing in other major centres over the ...
23: What One Billion Dollars Would do for Education
The one billion dollars earmarked to prop up Air New Zealand should be spent on making our country's education system the best in the world, ACT Education Spokesman MP Donna Awatere Huata said today.
24: Famous Tree Sparks Debate On Discovery Of NZ
A pohutukawa tree at 'the end of the world' has stirred up debate on whether the Spanish were the first Europeans to reach New Zealand, ahead of the Dutch and the British.
25: Guest Comment: On The Pro-GE Media Lobby
“It’s about science” says Act. “If we don’t go ahead New Zealand will become a 3rd world country” says National. “We don’t want frog genes in our potatoes” say Greens. In this debate, the remarkable news story is being completely ignored. Where are ...
26: Air NZ Beehive Press Conference Transcript
Cullen Press Conference with Rob Cameron, Jim Anderton, Mark Burton 9.00am, 4 October 2001
27: Feedback: Three Disgruntled Readers
Pacifists like our current Government and the Greens, are far from being the "moral choice" of say refusing to fight for the Nazi's in WW2 would have been are actually hurting the cause of freedom by siding with the perpetrators of terror and whether ...
28: Air New Zealand
United Future leader, Hon Peter Dunne, has expressed hope that the Government's re-financing package for Air New Zealand will allow the airline to put its woes behind it and re-focus on its role as the national carrier.
29: International support next step to a NZ data vault
The next step towards making New Zealand an international data security hub is about to take place with two of the main proponents, technology consultant Gary Connolly of The Digital Agenda, and Arjen DeLandgraaf, the New Zealand representative (telecommunications ...
30: ACT Opposes Government Bail-Out of Air NZ
The ACT Party is opposed to the government putting taxpayers' money into Air New Zealand, saving the airline's shareholders, ACT leader Richard Prebble says.
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