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Published: Fri 21 Sep 2001 08:05 AM
Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...
1: Scoop Oddity: Eerie Elevens And Spooky Smoke Face
No sooner had US papers printed this picture than they received calls, asking if the photo had been faked to appear to show a face with horns. The answer from Associated Press was no.
2: Sludge Report #107: New York Cover-up?
Inside This Edition: - Scoop Oddities - New York Cover-up? - Disclosure and Revelation : Atrocity In New York - Essay: Compassion And Revenge - 9D Council Perspective on US World Trade Center and Pentagon Attacks - Alien Message: ”Show Compassion - Galactic ...
3: An open letter to GE-Free NZ and the Green Party
An open letter to GE-Free NZ and the Green Party, in response to the GE-Free survey of candidates' views
4: Scoop Oddity #4: Who Is This Face?
5: Scoop Oddity #2: World Trade Center With Attitude!
A defiant reconstructionist view of the World Trade Center bombing. Submitted by a reader. See also... Scoop Oddity #1: Eerie Elevens And Spooky Smoke Face .
6: Scoop Oddity #3: A Disturbance In The Force
An innovative research programme at Princeton is attempting to measure disturbances in the zeitgeist, or global consciousness. A series of random number generators around the world (called eggs, some of which are in New Zealand) have been wired together, ...
7: Lindsay Perigo: The Apologists for Evil
I have long since gotten used to the fact that no matter how despicable the overtly disreputable enemies of reason & freedom become, their more respectable apologists will still make excuses for them. The following excerpts from a letter to the editor ...
8: The GW Bush - Osama Bin Laden Connection
EDITORS NOTE: The following is a transcript of a link submitted to Scoop by a Scoop reader. Clearly questions are raised in this material about the nature of the relationship between the Bush family and the family of Osama Bin Laden.
9: Competitive intelligence service launches in UK
Hitwise now tracks the daily behavior of over 5 million Internet users on an ongoing basis, the largest sample size of any Internet monitoring company in the world.
10: Upton-on-line - Diaspora Edition
In this issue: Upton-on-line reports on some of the ripples the terrorist attacks in the US have created on his side of the Atlantic.
11: Keith Rankin: An Ansettling Experience
The demise of Air New Zealand Ansett last week has brought home to New Zealanders just how one-sided the relationship between Australia and New Zealand is, and probably has always been.
12: Drain the Swamp They Live In - US Defence Sec
As the United States deploys a further 100 strike aircraft to the Persian Gulf area, its Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld warned to stamp out terrorists you must drain the swamp they live in.
13: Saddam - Religious War Looms: Islamic v Zionist
Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has received pledges of loyalty from his Commander of Air Defence and issued a second letter to the United States, western peoples and governments. The reports issued via Iraq’s official news agency herald a nation that ...
14: Scoop Archive: Heartless Helen Shows Contempt For Victims
"When the world froze in horror where was Helen?" asked Peter Cresswell, leader of the Libertarianz Party. "Upwards of 6,000 lives were taken in the horror in New York, and around the globe world leaders hurried into emergency huddles ...
15: Photographs Of The Sex Industry
"The women told me many stories while I photographed, mostly about survival....." In 1999, one of New Zealand's most significant documentary photographers went behind the scenes to strip clubs, massage parlours and brothels in Auckland and Hamilton ...
16: Unease as Yemen/Syria Insist Sanctions be Lifted
Yemen and Syria have called for the international community to lift sanctions against Iraq. The two countries are also eyeing a chilling ceasefire between Palestinians and Israeli forces, issuing a warning that the west must insist that Israel cease ...
17: Scoop Images: Still Waters
More images of the environs of the most photogenic mountain village in the world taken by Norman Mackay .
18: Scoop Images: Rally For Peace
Hundreds of Wellingtonians turned out for a rally today to protest against a military response to last week’s terrorist attacks on the United States. Labour MP Annette King received a letter and flowers from the protest group on behalf of the Government.
19: HARD NEWS 14/9/01 - Making Sense of It
GOOD DAY MEDIAPHILES ... It was as strange as if we had dreamed it. And, in a very modern sense, we have. We have seen Armageddon, Deep Impact and Independence Day. We have seen New York laid waste in the movies.
20: Howard's End: Alarm Bells Unheeded
Historians of the future will record the recent terrorist attacks on the United States as an intelligence disaster comparable not only to Pearl Harbour but also Hitler's attacks on the Soviet Union in 1941 that cost millions of Russian casualties. ...
21: Shroud of Secrecy Decends on US War-plans
A shroud of secrecy is tonight being cloaked around the United States' preparations for war. The labelled “War against terrorism” will certainly be fought with a shield of silence [rhetoric aside] not seen since the height of Cold-War years.
22: High Speed Internet To The South
Southland Investment & Technology Companies Team Up to Provide High-Speed Internet for Invercargill, Southland and Queenstown – Arrowtown
23: Stateside with Rosalea: To Whom It Does Concern
To turn an intrinsic value that we take for granted every day into the excuse to devalue some other individual life is to participate in giving up your agency as an individual.
24: Cut Tax For Everyone
ACT leader Richard Prebble says the best way the government could help stave off recession would be to announce tax cuts for everyone.
25: State Dept. Daily Press Briefing September 18
AFGHANISTAN 1-4 Situation Update/ Expelling bin Laden / U.S. delegation to Islamabad / Contact with Taliban UN 4 Status of UNGA Meetings
26: Big Brother! Hey Sister! – Too Good To Take Off!
Hey Sister! today announced it has signed Big Brother star Jemma Gawned to be the face of its brand. Jemma, too modest to shower without lingerie on the “real-time” television programme, was featured wearing a Hey Sister! Polka Dot lingerie set on ...
27: Wellington Peace Rally Thursday Midland Park 12pm
On Thursday 20th September 2001, from 12 - 1pm, a group of concerned Wellington citizens will hold a peaceful, apolitical demonstration to support the victims of the terrorism against the US and celebrate peace, and the tolerance and understanding that sustains ...
28: New Zealanders Furious At Snubbing Of The USA
Many New Zealanders are hurt and angered by the attitudes from Labour, Alliance and the Greens following the terrorist atrocities last week, ACT Defence Spokesman MP Owen Jennings said today.
29: Censored Middle Eastern Times Report - Anti-US Cry
The Middle Eastern Times was last week barred from publishing this AFP article depicting a large anti-US mood within Egypt after the terrorist attacks on the USA.
30: United Nations Orders Taliban: Hand Over Bin Laden
The United Nations Security Council has urged Afghanistan's ruling militia, the Taliban, to comply with texts ordering that Osama bin Laden be handed over.
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