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Published: Tue 11 Sep 2001 08:25 AM
Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...
1: Howard's End: Free Press For Free People
Do you remember when there were only one or two newspapers and your father always argued out loud with the editorials? Do you remember the stories your local newspaper selected for you to read? Do you remember how control was exercised over what you ...
2: Scoop S.O.S. Feedback: Angelic Encouragement
I write as an Angelic Sustaining Subscriber (yoh!) and want to endorse the notion of simply giving money to Scoop as a contribution to open democracy in New Zealand. Scoop is an important part of my life and business, I have many staff who use Scoop ...
3: HARD NEWS 07/09/01 - The Refuge
GOOD DAY MEDIAPHILES ... it is Spring. The days are longer, the light is stronger and there is, in the words of the great sage Murray Mexted, "a tingle up the spine - a tingle in the loins!" Not that we want to talk about the rugby ...
4: Media Flash - Sept. 10, 2001
RED HILMER presented ordinary results for John Fairfax Holdings on Friday (31.1 per cent drop in profit). The same day saw the closure of the badly-haemorrhaging Melbourne Express commuter paper experiment, which has already lost some millions. The idea ...
5: New Tax Blow For Air New Zealand
Financially troubled Air Zealand is today reeling from a new blow affecting not only its international sales on flights through Sydney but also its subsidiary Ansett Australia's domestic flights.
6: Stateside With Rosalea: Make Work Pay
At 2am each morning, and from three or four blocks away, I can hear the progress of one local entrepreneur as he makes his way west towards the Golden Gate. His shopping trolley looks like an orbital diagram of the water molecule, huge plastic rubbish ...
7: Scoop Update #6 – Feedback + Executive Summary
- “is there an executive summary?” - Would be sad, wouldn't it? - - new life - Please unsubscribe - Commiserations - I've voted for you - RE: Scoop Update #5 Scoop Refuses To Say Die!!!
8: Big News: Asylum Seekers Seeking Asylum
How many asylum seekers were on the Tampa? It depends what paper you read, and on what day you read it. The Sydney Morning Herald said there were 436, two days later they said 438. Reuters have said 460. Another paper said 434. Now just about everybody ...
9: Scoop Images: The Blood Red Moon...Again
10: Why Act Will Win In 2002 -- Richard Prebble
It is a pleasure to be addressing the Wellington Regional ACT Conference. I feel a real affection for Wellington which has always been good to me.
11: The New Write 7 September 2001
Young Nationals in Wellington are among the first lucky people in the world to see the blockbuster short film “El Presidente Nick Archer”, premiering this week.
12: State Highway 20 Extension Gets Green Light
Relief from traffic congestion in Auckland is one step closer with Transfund New Zealand's approval of funding for the design of an extension to State Highway 20, say Transport Ministers Mark Gosche and Judith Tizard.
13: Taxpayer??? Take A Hike
Are you a taxpayer who would like to attend a free 5 day course covering topics such as an overview of tax rebates, how to calculate your tax rebates, debt issues and assistance for employees? Well go jump!
14: Scoop Images: Spring Waters Of Lake Ohau
A couple of shots, this time of the lake itself. We have had some really lovely weather down this part of the country in the past couple of weeks. The day time temperature reaching in the vicinity of 13 C.
15: Scoop: Top Scoops
Howard’s End: Cut Out The Media Middle-man - SCOOP S.O.S. Feedback: Angelic Encouragement - SCOOP S.O.S. Feedback: Reg’s Challenge To Scoop Users And Readers - SCOOP S.O.S. – What Is The Future For Scoop? – We Want To Hear From You… GE Free Campaigners Heartened ...
16: Defence review and inquiry details
The Minister of Defence Mark Burton has announced a review and two inquiries into accountabilities, operations and responsibilities within defence.
17: Scoop Update #5 – Scoop Refuses To Say Die!!!
In This Edition: Dear Scoop Content Providers… AND THAT”S NOT ALL! YOU ALSO GET FREE STEAK KNIVES WITH SCOOP….Feedback To Yesterday’s Dramatic Scoop News….
18: Crunch Time For Air NZ - Richard Prebble Speech
Extract from a speech by Hon Richard Prebble, leader ACT New Zealand, to ACT's Wellington regional conference, Sunday 10 September at 3pm
19: Freedom Air Launches New Direct Flights From Ak-Oz
Freedom Air today announced it will introduce new direct flights between Auckland and the Gold Coast and Hunter Region in Australia. The new services will be an international first for Newcastle Airport, in the Hunter Region, and also mark a major new route ...
20: Sneak Preview Of Intel® 845 Chipset For Pentium® 4
Sneak Preview Of Intel® 845 Chipset For Pentium® 4 Processor–Based Platform At Computex Taiwan ‘2001
21: Fewer Magpies May Mean More Native Birds
Preliminary results from a major trial show that controlling magpie numbers may help build up numbers of native birds, particularly tui and kereru.
22: 13 Labour MPs As You Have Never Seen Them Before!
* Chris Carter as a fireman * Lianne Dalziel as Kate Sheppard * Mark Gosche as a rock band drummer * Marian Hobbs as a nun on a Harley Davidson...
23: Clinton Remarks to WTO Ministers at Luncheon
24: Scoop Feedback: Reg's Challenge To Scoop Readers
I think you all do a magnificent job! PLEASE KEEP IT UP! Someones got to keep them honest and inform us about what really goes on.
25: Hopeful Outlook For NZ's GE Free Agriculture
Hopeful Outlook For New Zealand's GE Free Agriculture, Exports And Economy Signs that Helen Clark may well preserve our options by keeping New Zealand free of GE releases are welcomed by GE Free New Zealand in Food and Environment. 'New Zealand's ...
26: Freedom's Army
It's not often I get the opportunity to speak to an audience, at least not a friendly one. I'm going to take a few minutes, however, to talk with you about vision, drive, ACTivists and ACT.
27: Deep-Pocketed American Delivers Windfall to NZ
The New Zealand literary community and Victoria University have again benefited from the philanthropy of Victoria University friend and American businessman, Glenn Schaeffer. Bill Manhire, Poet and Co-Director of the International Institute of Modern ...
28: Scoop: Daily Ratings
Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...
29: National Calls For Change To Child Punishment Law
National has today moved to make clear the right of a parent to discipline a child, but it is determined that the violent abuse of children will stop.
30: Big Brother! Hey Sister! – Too Good To Take Off!
Hey Sister! today announced it has signed Big Brother star Jemma Gawned to be the face of its brand. Jemma, too modest to shower without lingerie on the “real-time” television programme, was featured wearing a Hey Sister! Polka Dot lingerie set on ...
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