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Published: Mon 20 Aug 2001 08:20 AM
The weekend's top 27 rating items on Scoop were…
3: GE Decision Stands To Lose NZ $3 Billion Per Year
* Food exports to countries who have banned or are considering banning G.E. modified foods totalled $2.779 billion last year.
4: HARD NEWS 17/8/01 - Radio Ga Ga!
GOOD DAY MEDIAPHILES ... does anybody get the feeling that after all those years of El Ninos and La Ninas we're getting back to just having weather? Big, cold, winter weather it was too: the biggest snowstorm in 10 years. But for all that, it wasn't ...
6: Stem Cell Research - Right To Life NZ
Right to Life New Zealand supports the Judeo-Christian sanctity of life ethic from conception to natural death and is opposed to embryonic stem cell research.
7: Feedback: Political PolyPoly
What a silly little tirade Keith Rankin unleashed this morning on the subject of Political Polypoly.
8: Monsanto’s Roundup Ready Soybeans Face Scrutiny
Auckland — A team of independent Belgian scientists has discovered “unknown DNA” in Monsanto’s genetically engineered “Roundup Ready” soybeans. The discovery of unrecognisable DNA segments in the company’s flagship product may necessitate a full-scale re-evaluation ...
9: Image: Southerly At Turoa Brings 35°C Wind Chill
Wind speeds of up to 100km/h at Mt Ruapehu's Turoa ski field on Wednesday brought with it wind chill temperatures of -35°c to -40°c.
10: Scoop Archive: Quotas For New Zealand Book Shops Next?!
"When will the Government require bookshops to ensure that they sell a minimum percentage of New Zealand books?" asks Libertarianz International Trade spokesman Scott Wilson "for that is the absurdity of her veiled call for local music quotas ...
11: Sunburn And Sun Protection Among New Zealand Youth
Researchers based in the Dunedin School of Medicine have recently published a study in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, which examined sunburn and sun protection among New Zealand adolescents.
12: Greens call for peace monitors in West Bank
Green Party Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Keith Lock today called on the Government to endorse a resolution before the United Nations Security Council for peace monitors to be sent to the West Bank.
13: Supercomputer Weather: Pabuk Heading Towards Tokyo
According to the sequence of NOAA supercomputer forecasts below super-typhoon Pabuk is headed for the Japanese mainland with an ETA of Monday or Tueday NZT.The coloured lines in the images show rainfall.
14: Scoop Image: Churning Seas Under Dark Skies
Large format image of the sea off the South Wairarapa Coast as yesterday’s storm approached.
15: Scoop Images: Wild Wairarapa
The following images were taken on Tuesday on the South Coast of Wairarapa by Wellington photographer John MacGibbon. They show the big seas and wild skies that have been characteristic of the big southerly blow over the past few days. The fishing boats ...
16: Scoop Images: GE Free NZ Message Taken To PM
About 15 intrepid GE free activists braved wind and cold to protest outside Helen Clark's electorate office in Sandringham Road today with signs asking motorists to toot for a GE free NZ. Images Aotearoa Indymedia.
17: Howard's End: Generation Boy Racer
The Christchurch City Council's response to street racers who use Christchurch roads in industrial areas as drag strips and burnout pads has been to establish a burnout pad sub-committee. Maree Howard writes.
18: Michelle Boag Speech To Ak Chamber Of Commerce
Thank you for the opportunity to be here today to address the issue of "Where to now for National?"
19: The way ahead for Maori and PI health - Turia
Mid-winter dialogue, Christchurch Medical School, "The way ahead for Maori and Pacific Island health"
20: Ligairi Saved Chaudhry
Fiji's elected Prime Minister Mahendra Chaudhry and members of his government held hostage last year would have been killed if it was not for the presence in Parliament of former British SAS soldier, Ilisoni Ligairi, the Sun reports.
21: Stateside With Rosalea Extra: Mini Cooper's CV
Pics and Specs of Mini Cooper at BMW computer science student recruitment drive at UC Berkeley last month. The specs are taken from the 'resume' in the car's window, so are US-speak and dollars.
22: Palestine requests urgent Security Council meeting
15 August – The Permanent Observer of Palestine to the United Nations has requested an urgent meeting of the Security Council, citing its "obligation to effectively and immediately intervene to put an end to the present tragic situation in the Occupied ...
23: Burton goes for a Burton Over LAVIII Deployment
ACT MP Rodney Hide today accused Defence Minister Mark Burton of misleading Parliament with his response to the usefulness of the army's proposed new LAV III vehicles in East Timor.
24: Hide's bizarre hunt for a scandal that isn't there
Defence Minister Mark Burton today dismissed as 'bizarre' the claims by Act MP Rodney Hide of problems over the NZ Defence Force's purchase of LAV III armoured vehicles.
25: Keith Rankin: Parliament: Polypoly or Duopoly?
Economics extols the marketplace. Markets work best when there is competition. The best name for competition is polypoly ("many sellers"). This contrasts with monopoly, duopoly, oligopoly: one, two, few sellers.
26: ACT Insists on Burton's Resignation - Prebble
ACT leader Richard Prebble has written to the Prime Minister seeking the resignation of Defence Minister Mark Burton over his misleading answer to a Parliamentary question on the LAV3 armoured personnel carriers.
27: National Radio Midday Report
Sleeping Engineers – Hydro Lakes – Sydney Storm – American Fires – Milk Powder – Olympic Deal Making – Australasian Airlines – Murder Accused – Solo Balloonist – Middle East - Macedonia
28: SCP HOUSE: Questions Of The Day – 16 August
Today's questions of the day concerned: Rail – SOE Power Prices – Industry Training – SOE Power Prices – Student Job Search – NZ Post Vs Prebble – LAV IIIs – Foreign Student Accommodation – Human Rights – LAV IIIs – School Libraries – Airline Negotiations
29: PC World, Internet Magazine Number One
* Record result means PC World is still NZ's best-read IT and internet title - by a mile
30: Serious doubt over adequacy of LAVs
There are serious question marks over the New Zealand Army's proposal to purchase 105 LAV armoured personnel carriers for $658 million, National's Defence spokesperson Max Bradford said today. "Minister of Defence Mark Burton has been doctoring ...
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