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Published: Fri 10 Aug 2001 08:16 AM
Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were…
1: Keith Rankin: Don't Cry for Air New Zealand
To understand what is the preferred future for Air New Zealand, we need to think about the nature of the international airline industry and the nature of the home region from which it operates and within which it flies "domestic" services. ...
2: Upton-on-line - Diaspora Edition
…upton-on-line takes a deep breath and tries to say something non-anaesthetic about the recently released report of the Royal Commission on Genetic Modification . But in case some readers feel their eyes glazing over at its mention, he offers two quick ...
3: TV Documentary Exposes Fiji Tuna Industry
SUVA (FLP): A documentary produced by Labour Party senator 'Atu Bain in the deposed coalition government has been screened on the Australian television network SBS.
4: Governor-General to receive report on GM
The members of the Royal Commission on Genetic Modification will call on the Governor-General, the Honourable Dame Silvia Cartwright, at 3:30 pm on Friday 27 July, to present their report.
5: People Gather For A Ge-Free Nation
July 27: At 12 noon, in more than 42* towns and cities across the country, New Zealanders are gathering to show the Government they want a GE-Free nation. The nationwide gatherings are being held to mark the handover of the recommendations of the Royal Commission ...
6: Happy Birthday Dear Computer... If You Behave...
The PC is 20 years old on August 12, but despite more power and gizmos, it still has the ability to annoy to the point of physical violence.
7: Keeping Track With Technology
An innovative tracking device produced by Christchurch electronic research and development and design company, SPEDA, is likely to be keeping tabs on everything from big game to creepy crawlies.
8: Government Kyoto Deal Betrays New Zealand Forestry
ACT Forestry Spokesman Ken Shirley today revealed details from a secret Government-funded report, which finds that adherence to the Kyoto Protocol will strip billions of dollars of value from New Zealand's forest growing sector, drive our processing industries ...
9: SCP HOUSE: Questions Of The Day – 9 August
Today's questions of the day concerned: NCEA – Employment Stats – Auckland DHB Deficit – Suspended Sentences – Closing The Gaps Reports – Conservation Week – Steve Maharey’s Swearing – Public Transport – Ross Armstrong’s Lawsuit Against ACT – UN Small Arms ...
10: Sludge Report #7 - Negotiating With A Psycopath
IN THIS EDITION - FIJI COUP SPECIAL: How Do You Negotiate With A Psycopath? - If This Was A Telemovie - We Haven't Yet Got To The Bottom Of Who Is Behind This! - Conclusions
11: Feedback: Cor! Wot A Lot Of Voters
According to Alliance MP Grant Gillon, when responding to Mrs Shipley's criticism of the recent MMP Report, the majority of submitters to the Committee were happy with MMP and were happy to maintain 120 MP's.
12: Willie Jackson On Police Responsiveness To Maori
Speech by Willie Jackson, Leader of Mana Motuhake and Alliance MP, to National Police conference on Police responsiveness to Maori.
13: TAB Sports Odds - NPC Winners Picked
- Bay of Plenty step up too tough - Cricket score likely in local derby - “Dad’s Army” no show against Otago - Northland no hope in Bullring battle - Southland can’t win, says TAB
14: Attack of the Seventies Homosexual Oops Clones
"The Corrective Party wishes to express concern about Star Wars II: Attack of the Seventies Homosexuals Oops Clones. We want to know if the rumours about Jarjar Banks are true!!!" said Sister Paedophobia, Child Persecution spokesnun for ...
15: Questions For Oral Answer Thursday, 9 August 2001
1. GERRY BROWNLEE to the Minister of Education: Does he intend the grade point average to remain as part of the National Certificate of Educational Achievement; if so, why?
16: Customers Flock To Telecom’s CDMA
Thousands of customers have already signed up to Telecom’s new CDMA phones and network.
17: SCP HOUSE: Questions Of The Day – 8 August
Today's questions of the day concerned: Climate Change And Forestry – Health Racial Bias Allegations – People’s Bank And PM – Tertiary Education Strategy – Jim’s Securities Regs Breach – Numeracy Teaching - ANZFA Changes – DHB Deficit Forecasts – Immigration ...
18: Big News: Two Inequitable Bills
The Prostitution Reform Bill and the bill on paid parental leave are two of the most discriminatory bills around. I partially support the prostitution bill purely because it will provide sex workers with protection – well, those 18 and over at least. Those ...
19: Scoop Archive: MMP Review Committee Abuse Spirit Of MMP
An Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party candidate says that MPs on Parliament's MMP review committee made a serious blunder and abused their public duty by denying him an opportunity to present at their Christchurch hearing yesterday afternoon.
20: Bodacious Bovine With Attitude Goes On-Line
"The most important feature of is providing opportunities for members to really get involved.“ says Evans.
21: New Chartered Accountants Partnership
New Zealand’s largest professional body, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of New Zealand, has entered into a formal relationship with the ASB BANK.
22: National Radio Midday Report
Abel Tasman resort – Unemployment Falls – Tech Funding – Surgery Offer – Public Holidays – Energy Report – Graham Parry – Officers Fined – Prison Staff – Noble Sentenced – Oz Industrial Action – Macedonian Protests – Arms Talks
23: What Electricity Crisis? The One We Stumble Into
The Energy Link consultancy report questioning the seriousness of the current electricity supply situation is too optimistic, says Energy Minister Pete Hodgson.
24: Candidate Wants Wellington Declared GE Free
Wellington City Council Candidate Wants Wellington Declared ‘A GE Free Zone’. ‘Why not?’ says Phil Sprey, Independent Candidate for Eastern Ward in Wellington, ‘We took the lead by our anti nuclear stance so why can’t we do the same with a big NO ...
25: Skin And Fur To Fly At Conference
2001: An Environmental Odyssey will focus on ways of achieving a workable balance between the interests of farming, tourism and other businesses, and the need for sustainability and protection of the environment.
26: Anderton's Payout Sets Dangerous Precedent
Jim Anderton's donation of $1.6 million to Ericsson Synergy to invest in New Zealand amounts to little more than a bribe, ACT Finance spokesman Rodney Hide said today.
27: State Youth Radio Is Politically Correct Lunacy
The proposal before Cabinet to waste taxpayer funds on a state-funded 'youth' radio station should be dismissed, ACT MP Penny Webster said today.
28: GE Free Rodney Would Be Dangerous
ACT Rodney MP Penny Webster today described Sue Bradford's call for the district to become GE-free as 'ill conceived and dangerous'.
29: Action Update From Papakura Water Pressure Group
Action Update. Thank you to those who came to Bellfield Rd on wedneasday to prevent United Water from disconnecting Peter's water services. It was a great success and water is still flowing. Thanks also to Auckland Water Pressure Group who brought ...
30: Greens Support MMP, 120 Seats, No Referendum
The Green Party is satisfied with the outcome of the Select Committee Inquiry into MMP.
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