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Published: Tue 24 Jul 2001 09:22 AM
Yesterday's top 28 rating items on Scoop were…
1: Scoop Images: Pictures Of An Anarchist’s Death
The following image sequence shows the death of anti-capitalist Carlo Giuliani during protests in Genoa yesterday, Friday 20th July.
2: Scoop Images: Houghton Bay Breakers
The following images show the foam and surf on the South Coast yesterday. Ferry crossings of the Cook Strait were cancelled yesterday due to heavy seas.
3: Scoop Images: Police Brutally Attack Indymedia
The storming of the police into the building that hosted the GSF media center (press office, Indymedia, Radio Gap, ManifestoCarta, ...) and into the building opposite to it destroys the constitution of the Italian state. Beside the Government choice ...
4: Big News: G8 Summit Special Report
Last weekends G8 summit in Genoa, Italy – the last of it’s kind - will be remembered for Europe’s worst rioting, rather than discussions of G8 leaders on economic and policy issues for poor countries.
5: Creative New Zealand - Money Down The Drain
Creative New Zealand has filed 234 trade mark applications and incurred Intellectual Property Office fees in excess of $23,000, (excluding any legal fees incurred) trying to register, among other things, the words 'Maori Made" and variations of them ...
6: Howard's End: The Carpetbaggers Return
They're Back! Economic rationalists such as former Australian PM Paul Keating who undermined the bargaining power of workers and dismantled Australia's economic defences, along with Harvard University's Dr Michael Porter of the Roger Douglas era, are scheduled ...
7: Stateside with Rosalea: What's In A Name?
Even as George II was disentangling his thumb from the handle of one of Elizabeth II's teacups, news of his munificence towards certain impoverished nations was being delivered to my mailbox. "Dear Taxpayer:" the letter said, "We are ...
8: Police Independence In Jeopardy
Cabinet is today considering sweeping changes to the statutory independence of the Police Commissioner, National's Police spokesman Tony Ryall said.
9: Scoop Images: Genoa Day 3 – Global Solidarity
Images from Indymedia of global Genoa solidarity protests. For live coverage see... .
10: Cops must apologise for outrageous strip search
Green Party Justice Spokesperson Nandor Tanczos today said Hamilton police should apologise to two young women who were strip searched and charged with willfull damage for drawing a chalk picture on a footpath, as referred to on page one of today’s ...
11: Scoop Images: Genoa Day 3 – Big Guns On Show
Financial police guarding their office which had its windows smashed during yesterday's clashes between Black Block activists and police, carrying huge machine guns. This photo was shot when police attacked the peaceful march in the streets below with ...
12: Italy, Ya Basta Declares War - G8 Summit
We learn from the Italian media that in a meeting held in Rome on May 24, the Italian and the US government have decided to declare war to the multitude of brothers and sisters that will gather in Genoa against the G8 meeting scheduled for July.
13: Signiticant Global Warming During The 21st Century
New research published in Europe and the United States today discloses an even greater prospect of significant global warming over the next century unless world-wide mitigation policies are introduced, senior NIWA climate scientist Dr Jim Salinger said today.
14: National Radio Midday Report
President Wahid – Kyoto Protocol – Corrections Staff – Honduras Ordeal – Arms Talks – G8 Protests – Waiting Times – Economy Class Syndrome – Secondary Teachers – Dunedin Court – Collapse – Indian Floods
15: Campaign Starts Before 'Broken Hearts Day'
National MP Tony Ryall says the Government's $300,000 campaign to inform New Zealanders about the implications of the Property (Relationships) Amendment Act is completely inadequate.
16: Image: Record Breaking Snowfall Blankets Ruapehu
Photo caption: Heavy cloud cleared just long enough for a photo of the Grand Chateau blanketed in snow today.
17: Scoop Images: Genoa Day 3 – Battle On The Beach
On the march today there were many who expressed outrage and anger at the killing and shooting on J20.
18: Cot Deaths Of Maori Twins Entirely Preventable
Dr Jim Sprott is calling on the Ministry of Health to immediately endorse mattress-wrapping for cot death prevention, following the cot deaths last week of twin babies in Lower Hutt.
19: Scoop Images: Shedding Blood For Your Principles
The following images showing the bloodied faces of protestors, and police violence, at the G8 summit in Genoa over the weekend come from the Genoa summit activists website. This appears to be the best source of images of the G8 ...
20: HARD NEWS 20/07/01 - Letter to Mikey
Hi Mikey, Happy birthday! How's your week been? Mine's been a bit tiring, on account of the woman I love being stricken with the killer flu of 2001. What a motherfucker. Anyway, I'm taking the kids to school so I can't fit in a broadcast this week. You ...
21: The Minister Of Employment Knocks Jobs
Mr Maharey repeatedly refers to "dead end jobs" and "any old job" when he describes the option he does not want for DPB beneficiaries.
22: Shipley to National Party 65th Annual Conference
Picture a New Zealand with world-class healthcare, one with a completely transformed education system in which students are passionate about learning, and enthusiastic, innovative and entrepreneurial in their pursuit of excellence.
23: Scoop Images: The Battle Of Genoa Day Two
The streets of Genoa are a mess this morning NZ time, strewn with the debris of hours of running battles between thousands of anti-capitalists and thousands of police for much of Friday in Genoa.
24: Humour: NZ To Be Disbanded
AUCKLAND, Tuesday: Following the successful disbanding of the armed forces the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Helen Clark, has unveiled a new bold plan to total disband the entire nation. In a statement to the worlds press Prime Minister Clarke unveiled ...
25: “Harry Potter” Trailer Cinema Premiere
The theatrical trailer for the year’s most-anticipated family film - “Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone” will make its cinema screen debut in New Zealand for the first time on Thursday, April 5.
26: Sneak Preview Of Intel® 845 Chipset For Pentium® 4
Sneak Preview Of Intel® 845 Chipset For Pentium® 4 Processor–Based Platform At Computex Taiwan ‘2001
27: IndraNet Share Offer in Australia
IndraNet Technologies Limited, a New Zealand public company, is pleased to announce that, pursuant to the Offer Information Statement (OIS) lodged on 15 June 2001 with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, it is offering on the Australian ...
28: Info campaign on Property (Relationships) Act
Newspaper and radio advertisements from today will encourage people to learn of their new rights and obligations under the Property (Relationships) Act. The Act deals with what happens to property when a marriage or defacto relationship ends.
29: ACT Will Abolish Separate Maori Seats
ACT Leader Richard Prebble confirmed today it is ACT policy that separate Maori representation in Parliament will be abolished.
30: Four new members of the Environment Court
Associate Justice Minister Margaret Wilson has announced the appointment of four new members of the Environment Court.
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