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Published: Fri 20 Jul 2001 08:10 AM
Yesterday's top 28 rating items on Scoop were…
2: rock`n skank !
3: Feedback: Energising Deborah
So Ms Morris (former Youth Affairs Minister now aged 30) longed to light up at Parliament during her three years in politics and considers herself a "role model in moderate, responsible use of cannabis" (19 July).
4: Vodafone Warriors back to full strength
Auckland, New Zealand, July 17, 2001 – The Vodafone Warriors today named a full strength squad to take on the Newcastle Knights at Ericsson Stadium on Sunday. Returning from niggling injuries suffered during last Friday’s international fixtures are Stacey ...
5: Eco-Economy: Bank Money Isn’t Legal Tender
"I'm afraid I won't be available for this. The only people still even wondering about this topic, in my experience, are so far into the lunatic fringe that it is not worth the bother."
6: Kiwis Captured By
Nielsen//NetRatings Watches the Kiwis Captured By Auckland – 18 July 2001 – As the winner of Big Brother was announced – folks, it was Ben Williams - Nielsen//NetRatings watched those watching in New Zealand.
8: Pizza Haven - Bacon On Vege Pizza Allegations
Allegations were made by Mr Mohammed Sameem, of Hastings, on Friday, July 13, that traces of bacon had been found in a vegetarian pizza ordered and delivered from the Pizza Haven store in Hastings that evening.
9: Keith Rankin: Saving Orang-utan
Recently I saw a television programme about the plight of the orang-utan, whose only remaining habitat is a few formerly protected rainforests in Sumatra and Borneo, in the north of Indonesia. The Indonesian economy is now so weak that, Indonesia's ...
10: Scoop Images: The Battle Of Genoa – Here We Go!
The Battle of Genoa begins officially tomorrow but already the city is locked down by security forces, with numerous reports of abuses of protestors human rights already emerging. See SWO’s Joe Carolan Writes From The Genoa Barricades for a report from ...
11: SWO’s Joe Carolan Writes From The Genoa Barricades
The following is mail from a Kiwi representative at upcoming protetss in Genoa, circulating by email among NZ activist groups...
12: NZ appalled at Japanese admission on whaling
Prime Minister Helen Clark said today that she was appalled by the reported admission of a senior Japanese fisheries official that Japan has been, in effect, bribing poorer nations to support Japan's campaign to overturn a global moratorium against whaling.
13: President Bush Suspends Helms-Burton Title III
* President Clinton's most recent six-month waiver of Title III of Helms-Burton expires today...Bush was required to act in order to maintain status quo
14: Big News: Debt Cancellation and The G8 Summit
This weekend is a big weekend for debt campaigners and globalisation haters. About 120 000 of them are travelling to Italy his week for the G8 summit, an annual meeting of leaders from the eight richest countries. Campaigners will be demanding G8 leaders ...
15: EFTPOS-at-home
Auckland – 18 July 2001: New Zealanders will soon be able to pay their bills, via an in-home swipe card phone, following the successful trial of the world’s first debit / credit domestic payment terminal system.
16: Images: Hey Sister’s New Model From Big Brother
Images of hit Australian TV show Big Brother star Jemma Gawned, the new face of the Hey Sister! lingerie brand. For more background see… Big Brother! Hey Sister! – Too Good To Take Off! .
17: Gay Youth Group Bans ACT UP From Conference
Radical Queer activists denied booth space, workshop time, and program advertisement three days before "Young, Loud 'n Proud" event SAN FRANCISCO -- Days before their scheduled participation in a leadership conference for lesbian, gay, bisexual, ...
18: Howard's End: Perceptions Of Irradiation
The Australia New Zealand Food Authority (ANZFA) yesterday backed Australia's first irradiated food proposal paving the way for potential use of the controversial treatment at a plant at Narangba, just north of Brisbane. Will "New Zealand" in the ...
19: National Radio Midday Report
Lundy Murders – Murder Sentences – Enza – Dairy Growth – Australian Manhunt – Britomart Funding – Native Trees – Telco Submissions – US Economy – Jail Term – Baby Assault – Old Driver
20: A New Concept In (Internet) Awards
We are pleased to announce the inception of the 2001 New Zealand Internet Awards. These awards will reward New Zealanders that make exceptional use of the Internet as a medium for facilitating endeavours in both the arts and business.
21: George Bush Talks To World Bankers About G8
THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all very much. Mr. Ambassador, thank you very much for your distinguished years. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your kind comments. I'm honored to be here today with the Secretary of the Treasury, Paul O'Neill. Thank ...
22: Fathers Appalled At Outburst Over Family Court
The North Shore Men's Centre is appalled at the angry outburst by Paul Partridge of the National Network of Stopping Violence Services.
23: Eco-Economy: A Programme to Transform South Africa
Most people who were involved in the anti-apartheid struggle are disappointed about how little progress it has been possible for the country to make since 1994.
24: Japan Fisheries Head Not On ABC Radio In Australia
Masayuki Komatsu of the Government of Japan’s Fisheries Agency and alternate Commissioner to the International Whaling Commission today dismissed accusations of bribery and vote buying on the whaling issue.
25: United Call For Inquiry Into Family Courts
Alleged injustices to men and children, first exposed in the recent North and South article on the Family Courts have galvanised pressure groups around the country to now call for a Commission of Inquiry chaired by an overseas Judge into the workings ...
26: Sludge Report #98 – Genoa Summit Weather Report
C.D. Sludge is delighted to report that the latest readings from the NOAA Supercomputer confirm that European weather remains intensely ironic in the lead-up to the G8 Summit in Genoa, and the Battle of Genoa, due to commence tomorrow.
27: Gov't leadership needed to get logs on rail
The predicted explosion in numbers of logging trucks grinding though Dunedin on the way to Port Chalmers highlights the need for urgent Government action to get logs on rail, Green Party co-leader Rod Donald said today.
28: Wellington Area People! We Want You!
The anxiety level is rising at the Wellington Peace and Environment Centre ... will there be enough collectors for the annual Peace and Environment Centre Street Appeal ?**!! Our one and only major fundraising event each year!
29: Big Brother! Hey Sister! – Too Good To Take Off!
Hey Sister! today announced it has signed Big Brother star Jemma Gawned to be the face of its brand. Jemma, too modest to shower without lingerie on the “real-time” television programme, was featured wearing a Hey Sister! Polka Dot lingerie set on ...
30: Guarantees Do Not Guarantee GE Free Sweetcorn
As insurance companies raised the issue of GE crop contamination and liability issues at their conference in Wellington yesterday, New Zealanders may have been unknowingly purchasing GE contaminated seeds from their favourite store the Warehouse.
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