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Published: Fri 8 Jun 2001 07:57 AM
Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...
1: Revolution!! A Personal Account Of Events In Nepal
The last two days have been some of the most amazing in my life.The news you are getting in NZ is probably CNN bullshit.
2: The Truth From Nepal - All Hell Is Breaking Loose
Today is a dark day in the history of the world and about to become darker.
3: Lindsay Perigo: I Hate Business
I hate business. Now that I have your undivided attention, let me be more specific. I hate business when it fawns to the government, especially an anti-business government like the one we have now.
4: Keith Rankin: The New Conservative Dragon-Slayers?
If I was a betting man, and if Ladbrokes was nearby, I would be betting on a "hung Parliament" in Britain tomorrow. I don't think Hague, Portillo, Widdecombe will lead the Tories to victory. Nor do I think Labour will lose. But I do think ...
5: Upton-on-line - Diaspora Edition
How the French spend their holiday weekends, a new sub-plot in the long-running Opéra de Chirac and related scandals; and some (far too lengthy) ruminations on the report of the National Party’s Constitutional Taskforce (not exactly a triumph), Maori Representation ...
6: Michael Littlewood Writes To PM About Super
So, the Greens have said “no” and, unless the government can convince New Zealand First to back the New Zealand Superannuation Bill, it might not have the numbers to pass the New Zealand Superannuation Bill. The Minister of Finance is seemingly ...
7: End The War On Cannabis, Select Committee Told
Last night Libertarianz Deputy Richard McGrath told a parliamentary select committe exactly why his party supports an immediate end to the War on Drugs.
8: Sludge Report #82 - Catch 22 For Hartner Creditors
In This Edition: Catch 22 For Hartner Creditors - Good Enough For The Goose But Not The Gander
9: Scoop Images: Sky Lights Over Lake Ohau
The following images are by Norman Mackay, a resident of Ohau village, on the shore of Lake Ohau near the heart of the Southern Alps. They were taken on a Kodak DC280 digital camera. Norman can be contacted at .
10: Matt Robson Spills Beans On Men's Prison Site
The Minister of Corrections last night at a Hamilton public meeting punctured his own big press announcement on the new Auckland prison by leaking his main piece of news 24 hours too early.
11: Treacherous Labour Government Sellout on Water
The Water Pressure Group (Auckland) has received a copy of a letter dated 4 May 2001, that you sent to one of our members, Sue Henry, who is also Spokesperson for the Housing Lobby. Your letter reads as follows:
12: The Words Big Brother Longs To Hear...
This list of alleged Echelon 'filter' words has been circulating on the Internet.
13: Guest Comment: U.S. Blacks Abroad
The historic naming of retired General Colin Powell to the post of U.S. Secretary of State has been as remarkable as it was unprecedented, chiefly because of his African ancestry.
14: Big News – The Columbine Travelling Road Show
Well, much has been made of the trip of eight school students affected by the world’s worst school shooting at the Columbine High School cafeteria on 20 April 1999. The graduates have just concluded a ten-day trip to NZ aiming to speak with Kiwi students ...
15: National Radio Midday Report
Race Deaths – Rates – Hartner Creditors – Mob Informer – Royal Massacre – British Election – Book Awards – Sport Agency – Wainuiomata Prowler – Psych Patient – Timor Militiaman – Bus Crash
16: Eco-Economy: The Green Party Vs Michael Cullen
A new line has been drawn in New Zealand politics, and it is no surprise that the issue that has brought everything bubbling up to the surface is the Labour government's Super Fund proposal.
17: Fueling fires at ignite2001 festival
A unique festival celebrating young people in society will be held at The Edge in Auckland from 5 - 12 June. ignite2001 promises an extraordinary opportunity to develop young people’s creative potential. The festival offers an innovative programme of ...
18: Sludge Report #81 – How To Save Air New Zealand
There is one way for the Government to be sure that New Zealand retains a national airline. And it does not involve relying on the goodwill of a group of nameless businessmen who would prefer to remain hiding in the shadows
19: Sludge Report #83 – Be Vigilant, Terror Lurks
As the ceasefire in Israel and Palestine enters its fourth day today, the pressure is coming on, and the participants in this quest for peace, particularly Israeli PM Ariel Sharon and PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat will need to remain acutely alert ...
20: Lie Detector Test Corroborates Beverly Confession
Results of a lie detector test given to Arnold Beverly corroborate his confession that he shot Police Officer Daniel Faulkner, and Mumia Abu-Jamal is innocent.
21: The Greens Can’t Have It Both Ways - Peters
The Rt Hon Winston Peters MP, Leader of New Zealand First, today said that the Green’s concerns about Labour and New Zealand First consulting over superannuation were hypocritical given the numerous times the Greens and Labour have consulted over major issues – ...
22: Credit Unions Need Protection From People's Bank
The People's Bank is running into trouble as its backers back away from it, National's Finance spokesman Bill English said today.
23: Wilson's Attitude Jeopardises Settlements
The manner in which the Minister for Treaty Negotiations Margaret Wilson delivered the Rotorua Lakes offer to the Te Arawa people last week threatens to jeopardise the Treaty settlement process, National's Treaty Negotiations spokesperson Georgina ...
24: Online Advice Can Improve Milk Quality
One of New Zealand’s leading milk quality experts says the Internet is capable of improving the health of dairy herds, and raising milk quality.
25: Beer Awards Full Results And Pictures
Rapidly Expanding Brewery in Australia requires professional brewers. Looking for personable, highly motivated brewers with a least two years brewing experience.
26: Scoop Images: Hobbiton Bridge
Scoop's Hobbit strikes yet again. Hobbiton bridge is revealed in all its glory….enjoy.
27: Santa Fe Tops US Crash Safety Test
The Hyundai Santa Fe SUV has topped the influential crash test survey carried out by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in the United States.
28: "Complex Question" Of Unlawfully Collected Rates
Local Government Minister Sandra Lee says the "complex question" of unlawfully collected rates estimated by Local Government New Zealand to affect about 12,000 multiple units like apartment blocks will be discussed by Government ministers next ...
29: Nominations For Roger Award 2001
Below is the Nomination Form for this year's Roger Award. But first, a reminder ...
30: Diesel To Open NZ's First Hard Rock Cafe
Guitar legend Diesel will officially open New Zealand’s first Hard Rock Cafe in Queenstown on 22 June, marking the 30th anniversary of the international chain. With the internationally acclaimed rock artist performing at the premiere event, this opening party will be ...
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