The Christchurch Press

Published: Fri 9 Mar 2001 11:09 AM
Gay Oakes - Patrol cars - Bed shortage - East Timor soldier, International Women’s day
GAY OAKES Members of Doug Gardeners family, says the man convicted of his killing will stay in prison for another few years.
PATROL CARS Front line members of the police force in Christchuch have misgivings about the new Canterbury Highway Patrol.
BED SHORTAGE Christchurch has experienced a big late summer influx resulting in no vacancy signs becoming common place.
EAST TIMOR SOLDIER Jo Barrett, who served in East Timor told of her duties at an internation Women's Day breakfast.
Inside political stories:
- Superintendent backed on organised crime talk
- Orion downgrade 'ends Anzac' pact
- Deputy PM renews call for rate cuts
- MP's inquiry for allowance knocked back
World: Accused teen appears in court
Sport: Fleming takes wrong option
Editorial: Tailoring tertiary education
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