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Published: Tue 5 Dec 2000 06:21 PM
Skyhawk Scrap – Hawkes Bay Health Blue – Heatstroke Death – Man Charged – Drunken Hoons – Snakehunt
- SKYHAWK SCRAP: Shots have been fired by a New Zealand cabinet minister and an Australian defence analyst has called New Zealand useless. Meanwhile our disarmament minister Matt Robson wants to scrap the Skyhawks to free up money for education, health and social spending. For now at least, the Prime Minister says the Skyhawks won’t be scrapped. The Prime Minister asked Mr Robson to tone down his speech today, in which he made the call to scrap our fighter aircraft. The speech has come as Australia is talking about increasing defence spending, and is likely to create friction between the NZ and Australian governments.
- HAWKES BAY HEALTH BLUE: Red-faced health bosses in Hawkes Bay have apologised to a mother over a serious blunder. They sent a woman a letter congratulating her on the birth of her baby, when her baby had in fact died.
- HEATSTROKE DEATH: Sydney police are hunting car thieves who callously allowed a baby boy to die from heatstroke in a car they stole, with the boy inside. The boy’s mother left the boy in the black BMW with the engine and the air conditioning running while she popped into a shop, when it was stolen. Police do not intend to prosecute the boy’s mother.
- MAN CHARGED: A 21-year-old man has been charged with the murder of Justin Dyne, whose body was found in the Waitakere ranges.
- DRUNKEN HOONS: Tauranga police have been asked by the city council to crack down on drunken youths creating havoc in the town in the weekends. Townspeople do not feel safe out in the streets at night. More lights and surveillance cameras are being looked at by town leaders as options to make the streets safer.
- SNAKEHUNT: There is a new twist in the tale of the search for a snake in Freeman’s Bay, an Auckland suburb. A snakeskin was found in the street and experts believed it was freshly shed, and a boa constrictor was on the loose in the suburbs. But it turns out it came from a thrift store jacket.
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