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Published: Thu 16 Nov 2000 08:44 AM
Yesterday's top 20 rating items on Scoop (Hobbits excluded) were...
2: Sludge Report #41 – A Festering Scab Of A Bill
IN THIS EDITION: A Festering Scab Of A Bill - Margaret Wilson Gifts Youth Vote To Opposition - A Peace Gift For Wellington From Ariel Sharon? - Mass Confusion In Florida Lacks Credibility
5: Are There Any Winners Under A Socialist Govt?
Thank you for the invitation, and even more, thank you for the topic "Are there any winners under a socialist government?” The answer to this question is the reason I'm no longer a Labour voter.
8: SCP HOUSE: Questions Of The Day – 15 November
Today’s Questions concerned the subjects of: Child Abuse – Bill English’s Optimistic Economic Report – People’s Bank – Airways Travel Expenditure – Food Banks And Food Prices – Business Confidence – Tribal Hosts And Guests – Employment Outlook – Cancer ...
9: Minister's Outburst Leads To Grievance Claims
The cost of Immigration Minister Lianne Dalziel's outburst in Parliament where officials were accused of not telling her the truth about a 'dawn raid' has been revealed in select committee, National Immigration Spokesperson Marie Hasler said today.
11: Guy’s World: Going Postal In Khandallah
I was told by a postie that the phrase ‘going postal’ was coined for Vietnam War veterans, who had work found for them in U.S. postal service. It was thought that delivering mail would be easy, soothing work that wouldn’t trigger flashbacks to ...
12: Scoop Images: From There To Here - NZ Plugs In
The commissioning of the Southern Cross Cable today marks the beginning of a new phase in the development of the internet in NZ. Bandwidth between NZ and the Internet backbone in the US has been increased by 120 fold as a result of the cable.
13: The Truth About Maori And Skin Cancer
14 November 2000 There are many myths that people with olive skin promote regarding sunburn, and we've all heard them and probably used them in our lifetimes says Associate Minister of Maori Affairs and Health Tariana Turia says.
14: Opposition Praise For Economy Welcomed
Deputy Prime Minister Jim Anderton is encouraged by an Opposition report on the state of the economy.
15: Alert: VUW Women's Studies
Note: VUW's budget deficit this year (which is the reason given for all the restructuring) is less than two days of planned government spending on the armed forces in 2000 ...
17: Questions For Oral Answer - Wednesday, 15 November
Paraphrased answers to today's questions will be posted to the Scoops wire shortly after 3pm.
18: US Elections: What is Letting Democracy Down
For many people the situation following the United States Presidential race has been marked by a sense of bewilderment as to why a week later there still is no decisive outcome from the vote. For others there is a sense of frustration at the ongoing ...
19: SCP HOUSE: Questions Of The Day – 14 November
Today’s Questions concerned the subjects of: R Taxation Treatment – Treaty Clauses In Health Legislation – Biosecurity Breaches – Auckland Transport - Tertiary Education Accountability – People’s Bank – Sustainable Farming Fund – SOE Spending ...
20: Cookie Time Biscuit Bucket Doppelganger
I understand you noted from the Court list in Auckland that we are involved in a dispute with Griffins. Further to your request, here is some factual information you asked for regarding our upcoming court case with Griffins:
21: Christian groups oppose broadening marriage rights
Christian groups in New Zealand have vowed to fight government plans to recognize gay and lesbian relationships and grant same-sex couples the same rights as married couples. Dave Crampton reports.
22: Scoop Images: National MPs In The House
National MPs in action in the house. Photographs by Mark Graham - Marie Hasler - Lockwood Smith - Roger Sowry (Bill English in background) - Tony Ryall - Brian Neeson
23: Scoop Images: Labour MPs In The House
Labour MPs in action in the house. Photographs by Mark Graham - Trevor Mallard - Tim Barnett
24: National Radio Midday Report
Florida Recount – Freighter Rescue – East Timor – Wages Up – Train Disaster – Fiji Elections – Prison Costs – Name Suppression – Petrol Price Fixing – Family Trusts – Terry King Trial – French BSE – Southern Cross Cable – Boating Deaths
25: Father Saint Begorra O'Flattery's Lament
"It is with profound regret that I must announce the Mass death of the entire membership of the Corrective Party of New Zealand." said a tearful Father Saint Begorra O'Flattery today.
26: Wakey wakey Judith!
Judith Tizard's surprising admission in Parliament today that she was not even aware of Transit New Zealand's proposal to complete the motorway network by 2010 must alarm every motorist in Auckland, National's Wayne Mapp said today.
27: Government Kills Cyclists
This Wednesday “cyclist and defendant” Gregor Campbell is returning yet again to the Dunedin District Court to defend his talent of failing to wear a cyclists’ crash helmet. Mr Campbell is strongly skeptical of the recent television advertisement ...
28: Goodbye Olympics, Hello Centenary!
An extensive calendar of events and projects to mark the 100th anniversary of Australian nationhood has officially been launched.
29: Sexuality Issues In Suicide Being Ignored
Christchurch advocacy group Rainbow Media Action applauds recent efforts to do something about the high levels of youth suicide in New Zealand, but condemns the failure of health authorities to acknowledge the sexuality component in New Zealand suicide ...
30: Scoop Images: Alliance MPs In The House
Alliance MPs in action in the house. Photographs by Mark Graham - Laila Harre - Liz Gordon
1: Scoop Images: Lake Hobbitton - Another View
4: Scoop Archive: Scoop Images: Mirror Snaps Bilbo's House
6: Scoop Archive: Scoop Image: Where The Hobbits Are
7: Scoop Images: Hobbiton By The Water
10: Scoop Images: A Hobbit Summer House?
16: Scoop Images: And Not A Hobbit Was Stirring
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