Scoop: Weekend Ratings

Published: Mon 6 Nov 2000 08:22 AM
The top 20 rating items on Scoop at the weekend (Hobbit's excluded) were...
1: HARD NEWS 03/11/00 - Bad News, Good News
GOOD DAY MEDIAPHILES ... unemployment drops below 6% for the first time in 12 years. 22,000 new jobs. More full-time jobs than there have ever been in the history of the country. Welcome to the bad-news-good-news economy.
3: Upton-on-line November 3rd
It is fascinating that last week’s speech about the C grade contribution of the media to our national life has not, to upton-on-line’s knowledge, received a shred of coverage (save passing reference in Frank Haden’s Sunday column). Upton-on-line had vacillated ...
4: Conviction no secret
Ruth Dyson said today that a drug-related conviction from her youth had been declared on every Labour Party nomination form she had filled in.
5: Another Confrontation Likely
Soldiers loyal to the Commander have reportedly surrounded the gullies separating the army barracks and the Namadi Heights residential area.
7: Cocaine Traces In German Parliament Toilets
Enough cocaine to knock out a drug-sniffing dog has been found in smears taken from the walls of the German Parliament according to the German television investigative programme, Akte 2000. John Howard reports.
8: Huggers say yes to donations, no to drugs
It seems that every week is collection week for something. Today Aotea College students are collecting donations for the educational programme "Hugs not Drugs".
10: Military still negotiating; dissent not over
The military continues to be faced with internal dissent. While the Counter Revolutionary Warfare Unit, which led the takeover of the military barrack in Suva yesterday are on the run, internally the military still seems to be thoroughly divided.
11: No local TV for Saturn viewers
For Saturn customers Wellington television is off the airwaves. Last weekend Saturn TV stopped airing it own local channel ONTV and Wellington’s free-to-air Channel 7.
12: Scoop Archive: National's 'Dubya' Desperate For Ideas
"National deputy 'Dubya' Creech wants Wairarapa voters to figure out what his party stands for now, or so must be the reason for the survey he has sent Wairarapa voters," concludes Libertarianz spokesman Daniel Charlton. "Instead of ...
13: Fiji Military Hunt Renegades After Failed Mutiny
SUVA: Loyalist Fiji troops were early today searching bush areas in the suburbs of the capital of Suva for renegade special force soldiers who failed to kidnap the military commander in yesterday's mutiny in the main barracks.
14: NORML Issues Health Warning About Toxic Marijuana
The National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws today issued a health warning that marijuana sprayed by the Police with a deadly poison is being sold in Auckland.
15: Indigo: Same name new face
An old venue will be opening with a new look and new opportunities thanks to input from local music promotor Stephen Upton.
16: TV3 News
Taiwan Plane Crash – Fiji – Israel – US Elections – Mums Get Older – Cancer Smears – ACC Decision Outrages – Rankin’s Earrings – Tua Man
17: Sludge Report #37 – At Last, A Good Idea From Iraq
In this edition: Operation Brain Storm
18: Crown Accounts cap a week of good economic data
"The Crown Financial Statements to September showing the surplus running at more than twice budget forecasts cap a week of good economic news," Finance Minister Michael Cullen said today.
19: ELECTION 1999: Polls, Personal Attacks, Pressure
There is a real risk in placing too much trust in the polls, however this week definite and consistent trends suggest New Zealand is preparing to vote for a new government. Jonathan Hill writes.
20: Alternative Policy Will See ACT Set Agenda
ACT Leader, Hon Richard Prebble, said after a three day caucus retreat that ACT had determined to concentrate on ACT brand issues.
21: Nestle Plant Closure "Sad"-Eckhoff
The closure of the Nestle plant in Oamaru was a sad day for the North Otago Town, ACT MP and Otago resident, Gerry Eckhoff said today.
22: Promotion is not aim of ALCP
G. Mintrom, (28/7/99) asks how the "pro-cannabis brigade" propose to grow, harvest, distribute, warehouse, sell & advertise marijauna - and who will profit.
23: Downturn in moviegoers: films to blame
Local theatres say the demise in ticket sales is a global phenomenon, resulting from a lower number of blockbuster hits this year compared to previous years.
24: Westpac result shows room in market for kiwi bank
Deputy Prime Minister Jim Anderton says claims that a kiwi bank couldn't make a profit are looking increasingly desperate after WestpacTrust announced its profit result today.
2: Scoop Images: Hobbiton By The Water
6: Scoop Images: And Not A Hobbit Was Stirring
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