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Published: Fri 3 Nov 2000 08:22 AM
The top 20 rating items on Scoop yesterday were...
1: Resignation of Hon Ruth Dyson
Ruth Dyson has done the responsible thing in offering her resignation, Deputy Prime Minister and Alliance leader Jim Anderton said today.
2: Government strain taking its toll
Less than a year in, the Government is showing too many signs of strain, Acting National Leader Wyatt Creech said today.
3: Buddhist Crimes
BANGKOK, Thailand -- Buddhist monks who allegedly murdered people, enjoyed sex with women and, in a macabre ritual, roasted a dead baby have wreaked hell on Thai society and its saffron-robed clergy.
4: Keith Rankin: Oh Auckland!
Auckland’s public policymakers have a longstanding problem; indecisiveness. One Tree Hill is just the latest example.
5: Response to fringe group sex game claim
Education Minister Trevor Mallard has responded to absurd claims made by the tiny Christchurch-based fringe group Concerned Teachers.
6: Fashion Week future bleak, but not weak
New Zealand Fashion and Culture Week will be cancelled without a last minute $300,000 reprieve from a sponsor.
7: Top Scoops Poll: Should Ruth Apologise To Norm?
--------- To vote please email with “YES” or “NO” in the subject line. As soon as a reasonable sample is achieved results will be published. ---------
8: Guest Opinion: Atoning for the Middle East Tragedy
My son served in the Israeli Army in the West Bank, so for me the barbarous killings of two soldiers by a lynch mob in Ramallah made me feel the same anger that must have led Israeli Prime Minister Barak to bomb Palestinian leader Arafat’s compound ...
9: Ministry of Education Promotes Sex Game
"While criticising schools for not consulting over chastity lessons, Trevor Mallard is promoting a board game about sex to fifth formers," said Concerned Teachers spokesperson Peter Calvert. Mr Calvert said most parents would be appalled ...
10: Who Do New Zealanders Trust?
Uniforms - renowned for making women weak-kneed - seem to have another effect on New Zealanders - instilling trust. Results from a survey by the Reader’s Digest released today on New Zealanders’ most trusted brands, institutions and professions saw the ...
11: Global Citizen NZ's Fastest-Growing New Breed
New Research Tracks The Rise Of The Global Citizen New Zealand’s Fastest-Growing New Breed
12: How Market Treats Trick New Zealand's Children
On Hallowe'en, news of a real-life trick-or-treat nightmare: a generation of children so fat and unfit that their brittle bones are breaking when they run, play, walk or even stand.
13: More Photos from the Felix Awards
Hospitality LOOParazzi from Sunday night's awards.
14: Scoop Images: Stormwatch Over Blighty
Satellite images of the weather patterns over Blighty where storm warnings are in force days after much of Southern England was flooded in another mighty North Atlantic blow.
15: "Education Is Dead"
Ladies and Gentlemen. I am hear to announce the death of education. Long may she serve as a reminder that the mind is contemptible to the power of the bureaucrat.
16: PM Sends Wrong Message To Young People
"Prime Minister Helen Clark is sending a dangerously mixed message to young people in hinting that former Labour Party President Ruth Dyson could be back in Cabinet within a year", said Young Nationals Chair Daniel Gordon.
17: Sludge Report #37 – At Last, A Good Idea From Iraq
In this edition: Operation Brain Storm
18: Jim Fronts Up With The Answers
What Jim Anderton wants to know is whether John Carter supports having kiwi bank branches in his electorate, and will he guarantee that if he ever gets back into government those branches won't be closed.
19: Shooting breaks out at Fiji military barracks
SUVA: One soldier was shot and wounded today in a shootout at the Fiji military headquarters, according to local radio reports.
20: Gun shots continuing at Army Barracks
Local residents and the local radio stations have reported that there are guns hosts continuing at the Nabua military barracks.
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