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Published: Fri 6 Oct 2000 09:06 AM
Yesterday's top 20 rating items on Scoop were...
1: Business To Government: Please Listen
The New Zealand Business Roundtable appealed today to the government to stop lashing out at its critics and to recognise the damage its policies are doing to the economy.
2: Howard’s End: NZ, Seventh State Of Australia
Earlier this week I wrote on Scoop that we should drop the charade about monetary union with Australia and focus of the real debate - New Zealand the seventh State of Australia. The column created widespread public and media interest - so let's ...
3: Keith Rankin: The Big S-Word
Don Brash said it for the first time since 1982. Stagflation. Sounds like a rush of male deer. But it's a case of mixed metaphors. Dr Brash has scared the horses.
4: SCP HOUSE: Questions Of The Day – 5 October
Today's Questions concerned the subjects of: NZBR Herald Advert – Santa and Jim – Electricity Consumers Rights – Stagflation – Australia And Immigration – Inflation – Youth Offending – Stagflation – Dioxin Pollution – Mangaroa Prison Compensation ...
5: Listen-Up! “NZ Is Going Forward.... Backwards!”
When New Zealanders living overseas read their daily online news file that:  The dollar has slid below US40 cents;  The balance of payments is bad;  Business confidence is low;  The economy is growing backwards... ...
6: Tizard's Firm Hand, And Harvey's Crinkly Bottom
Sister Psychotica SM today commended Judith Tizard, the Minister for Aucklandish Affairs, for her firm hand and "verbal spanking" of Bob Harvey:
7: Scoop Images: An Awesome Fire Picture From Montana
This awesome picture was taken in Bitteroot National Forest in Montana on August 6, 2000. The photographer, John McColgan, is a Fire Behavior Analyst from Fairbanks, Alaska. He took the picture with a digital camera. A once-in-a-lifetime shot this ...
8: Battle Of Oamaru Confirmed, Declaration Of War
Keith Locke, Nandor Tanczos and Rod Donald, the leaders of the Green Republicans, will receive a “Declaration of War” from Lieutenant Carl Layton and his Loyal supporters on the steps of parliament at 1pm today. The Declaration is attached.
9: Wake Up And Smell The Facts Jim
Today's ad in the New Zealand Herald from ex-pat young New Zealanders is a wake up call to the Government from a generation lost, National Youth Affairs spokesperson Simon Power said today.
11: Questions For Oral Answer - Thursday, 5 October
Paraphrased answers to today's questions will be posted in the Scoops wire shortly after 3pm.
12: Family Court Has Blood On Its Hands – Again!
“The Family Court has been a major contributor to a succession of child murders in New Zealand over recent years”, Darryl Ward, spokesperson for Families Apart Require Equality (FARE), stated today.
13: Singapore Agreement: A Trojan Horse for investment
Asia 2000 head, Tim Groser, described the Singapore free trade agreement as a Trojan Horse for what he called “the real negotiating end-game: a possible new trade bloc encompassing all of South East Asia and Australia and NZ”[1]. The agreement is currently ...
14: Arise, Sir Robert
Auckland Mayoral Forum chair and Labour Party President Bob Harvey should receive the recognition he deserves but, as it's unlikely to be granted by the current Government, it will have to be from the next National Government, National MP Murray McCully ...
15: Correctives Were Right About Olympics!!!
"The Corrective Party was right about the sordid and lewd spectacle of the Olympics. According to an Australian newspaper report, athletes were incited to sex due to the heaving bodies in skintight shameful lycra around them!!! And what was more, ...
16: RB News Grim, Recession Tipped For Christmas
The Reserve Bank's stagflation warning is further confirmation of the serious economic malaise the Labour Government has inflicted on the country, according to ACT's Finance Spokesman, Rodney Hide.
17: SCP HOUSE: Questions Of The Day – 4 October
Today's Questions concerned the subjects of: Unemployment Rises – Closing The Gaps – Double Jeopardy – Food Banks – Electricity Regulation –Consumer Confidence - Telecommunication Regulation – Auckland Transport Woes – Road Safety –Mangaroa Compensation – East ...
18: Playing fast and loose with unemployment stats
Misleading use of unemployment statistics by opposition MPs do them no credit, says Social Services and Employment Minister Steve Maharey.
19: Jim, It’s Life But Not As They Want It!
Today's Herald newspaper advertisement from disillusioned young New Zealanders is a sobering reminder of this government's policies and their effect on the brain drain, said ACT MP Penny Webster.
20: Employment Authority Appointments Made
The Minister of Labour, Margaret Wilson has announced the first appointments to the Employment Relations Authority.
21: TV1 News
Middle East Violence – US Elections – Flood Rescue – Missing Kayaker – Dog Avertisement
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