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Published: Fri 29 Sep 2000 06:24 PM
Lilly Bing Charges – Glenn Inwood Quits – NZers at Olympics – Oz-Kiwi Medalists – East Timor Gift – Adoption review – Petrol Rage – Greek Ferry Disaster – Former Canadian PM Dies – Anna Nicole-Smith
LILLY BING CHARGES: Three family members of a Carterton toddler “Lilly Bing” have appeared in court charged over the death of the 23 month old girl. The three are shown being led to court in handcuffs. They are charged with manslaughter and failing to provide the necessities of life. The investigation is not yet over. At a rally against child abuse one of the charged trio spoke to the crowd.
GLENN INWOOD QUITS: The government wasn’t happy with a press secretaries plans to speak to a conference on whaling about how the media report whaling. Parliamentary press secretary Glenn Inwood has now resigned. The Maori Fisheries Commission says that the fact that the conference on whaling is happening here will not lead to a resumption in industrial whaling. The Greens are also against the conference and are criticising a $5000 grant given to a whale bone carving workshop by TPK. “I think that bone carving is far less harmful than smoking marijuana,” says Shane Jones. Phil Goff is now considering speaking to the conference himself.
NZERS AT OLYMPICS: Walker Craig Barrett finished 18th in the 50km walk. Dressage rider Kalista Field has finished at 18th and has missed the cut for the final round. Sailor Sarah Mackey is in 9th place in the yachting.
OZ-KIWI MEDALISTS: A Kiwi wins gold but not for NZ. Two Australian sailors, the first gold medal winning ones, are actually from NZ and South Africa. Back in Dunedin Armstrong’s grand-mother doesn’t care who the medal was won for. Armstrong says she will always be a Kiwi, “I just live here” . Australian long jump silver medalist Jai Taurima is part Maori with a Maori father. Australia hasn’t been slow to recruit athletes from other countries. The Aussie PM seems to be all in favour of it.
EAST TIMOR GIFT: The spirit of the games was shown in a moment when the East Timor team gave a piece of Greenstone back to Ngai Tahu.
ADOPTION REVIEW: Adoption review proposed by Law Commission. An mother who adopted out says the proposed changes are good. Adoptions in NZ have dropped hugely recently. The plan is to switch the focus from the adults to the children’s well-being. Meanwhile Roger McLay is proposing a Parenting Act. The report is just a recommendation at this stage. ACT has described the proposals as a nail in the coffin of family values.
PETROL RAGE: A man has been charged with driving his car through a BP service station frontage in Auckland.
GREEK FERRY DISASTER: The captain and three crew of the ferry that sunk off the island of Paros have been charged with multiple manslaughter. Some people rescued were wearing life-jackets filled with wood! Ferry crew were attacked today by grieving relatives. The wreck may contain dozens of bodies.
FORMER CANADIAN PM DIES: Canada’s former PM Pierre Trudeau has died. He was the most influential Canadian PM of the century. At one stage he dated Barbara Streisand.
ANNA NICOLE-SMITH: A former Playboy model – Anna Nicole-Smith has been given a huge slice of a billionaire’s fortune. She married J.Howard Marshall when she was 26 and he was 86. In his will he left his fortune to his son. A judge has however now ordered she receive USD$450 million.
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