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Published: Mon 25 Sep 2000 06:25 PM
Two Surfers Eaten – Olympics x 3 – Driving Charges – Weather – Body Identified – Worm Threat – Tuaman on TV
TWO SURFERS EATEN: A second shark attack appears to have claimed a surfer in Australia. This time a 19-year-old is reported eaten in Anxious Bay. Earlier a NZer is believed to have been eaten at Cactus Beach. Witnesses to the accident do not expect him to be found alive and say he was swallowed whole. They think the Kiwi surfer was swallowed whole. The 25-year-old victim grew up in St Kilda Dunedin.
OLYMPICS: NZ - Discus queen Beatrice Faumina has qualified for the discus finals. Another equestrian looks like getting a medal. 49er Yachties finish 8th.
OLYMPICS:VALUE OF MEDALS - The PM has asked how much Olympic medals are worth to NZ. Australian Hockey players get paid $40,000 and train as a full-time job. NZ players had no money and only six weeks to train together, while working part time. NZ athletes are funded, the question is how much. Since Atlanta $30 million has been spent in NZ on elite sport. By comparison Australians have spent $300 million. A former Olympic champion Ian Fergusson says that funding does matter. Helen Clark says that other nations are making more investment, and says that upping the investment could result in more medals. But how much are we prepared to pay? Asks the PM.
OLYMPICS: CATHY FREEMAN - Cathy Freeman is the hot favourite to win the women’s 400m final tonight. If she wins tonight she will become a living legend. To the Aboriginal people she already is a living legend. She was on the front-page of all Sydney papers today. Some Aboriginals hope that if white Australians can support Freeman then it will be able to bridge a gap between the races. Freeman’s life has become a soap-opera in recent times. “She carries the hope of reconciliation. She gets gold tonight it is gold for all of us.”
DRIVING CHARGES: The son of Mark Gosche has appeared in court on charges in relation to a motorway accident in August.
WEATHER: Bad weather moving across the North Island is causing problems. Houses windows are being blown in, and a truck was driven off the road. Several weather warnings have been issued.
BODY IDENTIFIED: The mystery Waitakere body has been identified as Justin Dyne (sp). His mother lives in Wellington and he was . He is thought to have been murdered in late July. Police are not identifying the cause of death yet.
WORM THREAT: The shell-fish industry is facing a new challenge. Worms on the Hauraki sea-bed are killing scallop beds and the bed of the sea. Scientists believe it is impossible to control the worms. The worm has killed the Scallop beds say fishermen.
TUAMAN ON TV: TV3 has won the rights to show David Tua’s title fight against Lennox Lewis. TV3 has come up trumps because of its special relationship with Kevin, David Tua’s manager. The fight will be broadcast on November 12th. TV3 also has exclusive rights to buildup coverage.
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