EPOST News Monitor, Friday, 15 September, 2000

Published: Fri 15 Sep 2000 04:14 PM
The Evening Post, Friday, 15 September, 2000
Article: Mathew Loh
Let the Games Begin - Sydney Parties as Flame hits town - National surges to 5pc lead - poll - Cops collide with Clarks car - again - Inside headlines - Sports lead - Editorial
Let the Games begin: The front page pic shows Sydney Harbour bridge complete with Olympic Rings.
Sydney parties as flame hits town: It's showtime in Sydney tonight when the Olympic Games open before an estimated world wide audience of 3.7 billion.
National surges to 5pc lead - poll: Support for Labour has slumped with National surging ahead for the first time since the election.
Cops collide with Clark's car - again: PM Helen Clark may need protection from her own minders after two driving mishaps in the past six weeks.
Inside headlines.
- Clark wants to change cannabis law;
- Nats attack govt over youth crime;
- A lot of grovel for QCs - Harder;
- Govt windfall for public transport users;
- Mother and son killed in crash;
- HNZ value losses $465m;
- Back from US powwow;
- Fresh start for harbour ferry;
- Tourists rate NZ top for scenery, safety;
- Sorry says Ministry for wrong nurse pay sums;
- Most child abusers pakeha, Goff's figures show;
- Wadestown reservoir tops $1m;
- Qantas NZ wastes no time in upping fares;
- Meeting rejects Hutt raceway plan;
- Shellfish ban spreads into Wgtn;
- Park plaque to Wilde for WCC.
Sports lead.
It's showtime at long last: Its about to start and strewth, it's about time.
Editorial: Sex , Victoria and an unsustainable defecit;
The Battle of Britain.
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