Published: Mon 4 Sep 2000 10:46 AM
Context Update
East Timor - Indonesia - Australia's Shame - General News - World Affairs - Echelon Watch - GE - WTO - Defence Policy - Environmentalism
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Conflict Zones:
East Timor Go
East Timor's former guerrilla Falintil forces may soon begin hunting
down pro-Indonesia militia both inside East Timor and across the border
in West Timor Go
The Japan Times on the anniversary of independence Go
The Washington Post on the anniversary of independence Go
Time magazine on the anniversary of independence Go
Bungled UN aid operation slows East Timor's recovery Go
What the Guardian said a year ago Go
Register as a participant in an on-going e-mail based lobbying campaign in support of the return of the refugees Go
Indonesia: Go
Two years after Suharto, authoritarian values remain strong. But new groups are emerging to challenge them Go
General News Go
Australia’s Shame
Tariana Turia MP’s speach
Scoop coverage of the issue
NZ Herald’s coverage
Independent Newspapers coverage
World Affairs Go
Asia’s shifting balance of power? Go
Reform of UN peacekeeping recommendations Go
The war in Chechnya through children’s eyes Go
Kosovo report card from the International Crisis Group Go
Who is behind the International Crisis Group Go
Echelon Watch Go
Canada's intelligence service report on antiglobalisation Go
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology Go
How It Happened That We Don't Regulate Biotech Go
"To feed the world takes political and financial will - it's not about production and distribution." Go
Almost 10 million people in the USA experienced outright hunger last year Go
Australia has become the latest country to announce a scientific study into the environmental effects of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) Go
Greenpeace challenges UK Government over legality of GM crop trials Go
When corporations govern, democracy flies out the door Go
Global Action S11 Go
Defence Policy Go
Blowing a Solitary Bugle Go
America has a keen interest in a stable East Asia. Understandably, however, it is also keen to see others pull their weight Go
Ascribing all recent military successes to the groundwork of Reagan and George Bush Sr. (future US defence policy ?) Go
Environmentalism Go
That WWF report ‘Global Warming and Terrestrial Biodiversity Decline’ Go
400 residents of 4 villages, in the Ukraine have been reported sick in the last two months Go
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