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Published: Thu 17 Aug 2000 09:56 AM
Yesterday's top 20 rating items on Scoop (Hobbits and Moons exlcluded) were...
2: Scoop Images: Yawngate
Police Minister George Hawkins has a read of the Evening Post – which is in the dogbox for publishing a picture of a member not speaking . (In case you were wondering Scoop has obtained Mr Hawkins permission to publish this shot.) Images from Mark Graham ...
3: Scoop Images: When Jenny Attacks
Opposition leader Jenny Shipley's moment of truth today in the house confronting the PM over the Dover Samuels dirt digging allegations...Images from Mark Graham - IMAGE TIME .
4: SCP HOUSE: Questions Of The Day – 16 August
Today’s Questions concerned the subjects of: Tax And Crime – Doctors Strike – Whooping Cough – Singapore Free Trade And TOW – QC Appointment – Rodney Council – Singapore Free Trade – Parliamentary Sovereignty and the Treaty – Dover Samuels – Electricity ...
5: Questions For Oral Answer - Wednesday, 16 August
1. Mark Peck to the Minister of Revenue: Has the Inland Revenue Department had any success in preventing people from failing to provide necessary information for the administration of the tax system?
6: NEWSFLASH: Reserve Bank Has An Each Way Bet
The economy could be inflationary, or it could be deflationary. That was the message from Reserve Bank Governor Don Brash this morning, who announced, as expected, that the bank will not increase interest rates.
7: SCP HOUSE: Questions Of The Day – 15 August
Today’s Questions concerned the subjects of: Dover Dirt Digging – Community and Voluntary Sector - ACC Premiums – Air Pollution – Stigleygate – Guardianship Custody And Access - Fourth Treaty Article – New Settler Integration – Petrol Prices – Special ...
8: Police Shooting: PM has a lot to answer for
The Prime Minister must immediately apologise to the Police Officer involved in the Waitara shooting, his family and the entire New Zealand police force for accusations of racism over the Waitara shooting, National's Justice spokesman Tony Ryall said ...
9: Waitara Homicide Inquiry
Minister of Police Hon. George Hawkins has been briefed on the Police inquiry into the death of Steven Wallace.
10: ERB - Margaret Wilson 3rd Reading Speech
Mr Speaker, I move that the Employment Relations Bill be now read a third time.
11: Global Markets Responds To RBNZ Statement
Lack of capacity pressure implies that there will be little second-round effects from the forthcoming inflation spike.
12: Greens criticise police report on Waitara shooting
Green MP Keith Locke today criticised the police report claiming that a policeman acted lawfully in shooting Waitara man Steven Wallace.
13: MOTORNET: Scoop Classic
WELCOME to Scoops Motornet motoring column where we we'll look at new, used and classic cars, trucks, bikes and boats. I'm no mechanic or even a wannabe petrolhead so for those experts out there bare with us as I'll do my best to talk to the specialists, ...
14: Richard Prebble Letter To PM on Trade Agreement
I write to express my concern over a story in the Dominion that the government is seeking to include the Treaty of Waitangi in a free trade agreement with Singapore.
15: Singapore Closer Economic Partnership Agreement
It would be disappointing if the Singapore Closer Economic Partnership agreement was not debated in Parliament, Trade Negotiations Minister Jim Sutton said today.
16: On The Right: Things The OUSA Gave To Me
Well hopefully by now the whole Employment Relations Bill saga is over, and we can get on with the business of repealing it. However I have other things on my mind this week, and chief among them is the activities of my Student Union in Otago.
17: Scoop Images: Uncle Sam Wants You To Turn Green!
Images from a protest held today in Auckland by GreenPeace against the US Food And Drug Administration. See also... Uncle Franken-Sam Wants YOU To Eat His GE Food for the press release which accompanied this pictures.
18: New Zealanders paying price of ERB
New Zealanders are already paying the price for the Employment Relations Bill, and it will only get worse, National Industrial Relations spokesperson Max Bradford said today.
19: ERA Means Unemployment For Youth
Youth group Prebble's Rebels has expressed dismay that the Employment Relations Bill has been passed into law, and warns that it will result in higher unemployment, especially for young people, Maori and women.
20: Clark Sees The Humour In Marathon Session
A stony faced Helen Clark suddenly sprang to life at the tail end of a press conference dominated by the serious business of Dovergate today.
21: Greens Support Anderton's call on Singapore
The Green Party says it's delighted the Deputy Prime Minister is calling for a parliamentary debate and vote on the Singapore Free Trade Agreement to determine whether the government should ratify it or not.
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